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March 7, 2017

03/06/17 . . .  by Bob Karrow


  • My charts consist of all the items that Paul Desmond warned about in his paper, “The Warning Signs Of Major Market Tops”, which you can find at the following link


  • If you aren’t familiar with my unorthodox wave counting method, there is a simple explanation at the beginning of the glossary. The glossary also contains lots of other details (explanations) that don’t appear in the blog.



  • A lot of visitors to my blog are looking for information on T-Theory ®.  The below link will take you to the index of all of Terry’s comments during the period Dec 2003 to June 2011.  There are a considerable amount of charts and audio material from Terry Laundry in this section.
  • If you are looking for the ability to make your own predictions using T-THEORY ®, I would highly recommend Terry’s Encyclopedia on T-THEORY ®


Feb 2017 – 129 TWEETS

Opinions are like unfollowers, everyone has them, and I have 2 of them! At least that’s what says. 

Edson Gould wrote another article in 1941 as Edson Beers. His articles in 1937 & 1941 are his earliest writings ……

Edson Gould wrote an article in 1937 for Barrons under the pen name, Edson Beers ……

Edson Gould profile by MTA – Market Technicians Association ……

DMI lines & rules Weekly signal is very powerful Daily signal is good for weeks to a month 60 Minute signal is only good for couple days

The +-DMI indicator is only an oversold/overbought indicator used on SPX with limit lines of 36 and 12. Other indexes need different limits

There is a sell signal given shortly after Dec 12th (followed by non trend market). There is a buy signal around Nov 1st.

Using the method mentioned in previous tweet is susceptible to whipsaws in a non-trending market

Buy/Sell signals in upper chart are red DMI line is above green DMI line, it’s a sell, or when green DMI line is above red DMI it’s a buy

 2004: Zuckerberg spoke to @CNBC about his new growing website. $FB… …

Know how much you can get out of an investment, is it too good to be true?

@focus1234567 Thanks Mike. I have intraday & daily data going back to 1930. I’m a firm believer in history to verify my step count method.

A step DOESN’T HAVE TO EXCEED PRIOR STEP to be valid. 1974 to 1980s, I had never observed this phenomenon & when it occurred it cost me $$$$

A “possible” count since the election This count is derived from counting and/or channel breaks, take your pick on method

Weekly SPX since 2009, log chart Red -DMI line is touching the green line, that’s half of a warning & sometimes has declined a fair amount

NASDAQ trend lines, green lines are 1 year old with a penetration of upper line presently, yellow trend line is recent & may be in control??

Green trend line has a history of 1 year & market is exceeding it by a small margin. Is the yellow trend line in 2nd chart taking control???

Don’t follow me if you just want to ditch me right after…bye bye 

Price Performance chat Prior chart showed ratio ending higher than it began in 2007 and that’s why the RUT is showing out performing the SPX

Which is performing better RUT or SPX, kinda depends on time period you’re looking at. The ratio ended slightly higher than it began in 2007

NASDAQ new highs has been shrinking for months which is what I expected for the NYSE. NYSE indicates more stocks are participating in rally

This was a pleasant shock, the new highs galloped to their highest level since 2013!!!! This isn’t in gear for a decline of importance !!!

Wouldn’t this be great if it turned out to be true? Mega-T bull market ending in early 2025. What a mind bender, & where would the Dow be??

History of weekly jobs chart (inverted scale) It seems to give a warning for significant peaks in the market

Weekly jobs chart (inverted)

We have a 60 minute warning of a short term decline, gotta wait for the price reversal to validate the warning

PAGE 2 CHART 4 – HIGH LOW BETA RISK magnify charts

Trump Gets Freer Hand on Banks as Tarullo Departs The Federal Reserve is about to lose an influential advocate of tougher banking regulation

DMI lines & rules Weekly signal is very powerful Daily signal is good for weeks to a month 60 Minute signal is only good for couple days

All of the white background charts are coming from my public StockCharts, see them at following url

Put/Call ratio is neutral on the CBOE

Risk is off in ratio of high beta to low beta stocks

Since Feb 2016 low, equal weight SP500 has lagged normal weighted SP500. No new high since 2015 Early warning indicator, useless for timing

Stocks above 200 day moving average is shrinking as indexes make new highs. Shows fewer stocks are participating in rally Magnify to view

A couple days of rally would put us against top line of the envelope. We look for reversals in these areas of the envelope, top or bottom

Is this T Theory © predicted peak in late Feb VALID??? I’ve seen lotsa peaks and valleys in March

McClellan oscillator isn’t overbought presently so we’ve likely got several days of rally before things correct

Always raining on people’s parade, but this business isn’t about what’s happening NOW, it’s about what’s gonna happen NEXT.

I think I would piss off people by talking about next correction when we’ve had 2 good consecutive days of profits. Always gotta look ahead

Trend line since Feb 2016 bottom, bumping top of range presently Green DMI line is near the red warning line, no signal until price reversal

NASDAQ 100 is performing nicely by staying within the trend lines

Russell 2000 small cap and micro cap are up about double the large cap gain for today

John Murphy of StockCharts

I’ll try to post charts on Sat Sun. Since we have 1 more week of adverse seasonality, I need to see if more is coming than 1 week of decline

There is a warning approaching. It is the +-DMI. In the lower section of the chart DMI lines are approaching a warning area. No panic yet

DJIA & NASDAQ have already beaten their highs from earlier today, expect SP500 futures to do the same – gotta keep up with the Jones

If market can advance next week with seasonality against an advance, that illustrates strength. More strength than market internals show

SP500 futures as of 2/9/17 19:12 PST Trend line provided support

Low QQQ Volume a Sign of a Top

Advance decline volume line is lagging without new highs just like the regular advance decline line Gotta magnify to view chart

Advance decline line for different indexes. Advance decline lines didn’t make new highs to match the price highs Gotta magnify to view chart

New highs in the market yet new highs aren’t at appropriate levels Gotta magnify to view chart

Good rally today & had more puts than calls, 78 calls to every 100 puts. See 10, 20, & 50 day average call/put ratios. All show pessimism

If I tweet nothing, there is NO CHANGE in my outlook.

LONG TERM = STEP 4 2009 Underway SHORT TERM = RALLY, 2/6/17 seasonality down for 2 weeks MANDATORY READING

Are we in a substepping step 3 up since election? Current step up since 1/31 is showing 3 steps up too, currently in step 2

Climbing up current yellow trend line, all yellow lines on this chart are parallel. Projection line of 200% sits very close to today’s high

Since Feb 3 we’ve had a horizontal pattern, watch for the direction of the impulse breakout, but first we could have a fake out move

Since Feb 3 we’ve had a horizontal trading pattern, watch for the direction of the impulse breakout

Alternative count would be that we’ve been in a single extended wave up beginning not long after the election, possible but I don’t think so

VIX has had shrinking highs since late November indicating reducing volatility

Count of Russell 2000 small cap possibly has a bearish count, although you might count it like 2nd chart and be ready for a good reversal

This is a more likely count since election day

Counting the peak a few days after the election as count 1, gives us a 5 count at the end of January ?????? huh, do I believe this?

SP500 futures up to date 2/8/14 @ 12:05 PST Overhead resistance at 2294 futures Used only 2 trend lines, others are parallel to the 2 trends

Perks of not being President anymore, it’s now somebody else’s problem “Obama Kite Surfs With Richard Branson in Virgin Islands Holiday”

This didn’t mean you should short market. The put call traders on the ICE exchange were bent heavily towards the sell side buying puts…

SP500 futures up to date at 12:36 PM EST with 10 minute bars Trend lines, Fibonacci radials, projection levels, wave count

Call/Put ratio today was 57, 57 calls for every 100 puts, that is lopsided towards shorting the market

SP500 futures up to date, 10 minute bars, trend lines, Fibonacci radials, projection target levels, wave counts

For new subscribers that aren’t aware that I have a daily StockCharts collection of my charts

3 indicators on this chart, very light colored lines Fibonacci radials and projection lines for possible resistance points and trend lines

One of my trend lines held the decline and SP500 futures are climbing up the line. We’ll see what happens as it approaches the prior high.

Long term steps for @lip411

LONG TERM = STEP 4 2009 Underway SHORT TERM = RALLY, 2/6/17 seasonality down for 2 weeks Wave Count Instructions

Wells Fargo Quants Tell You How to Bet on the Super Bowl 10 of 13 bets were correct…

BREAKING: Trump announces end of Russia sanctions in exchange for Putin returning Bob Kraft’s Super Bowl ring.

The human brain starts working the moment you are born and never stops until you stand up to speak in public

This person is a real bomb thrower…

Mutual fund total assets not keeping up with the new highs in the stock market. What’s up with that???

Smart watch for cheating at an exam..

España empujando a Europa para salir de la crisis.

Capaces y muy mucho.


Long term pitchfork



Inflation precursor indicators

Junk bond sentiment for various junk bond vehicles Gotta magnify to view

summation index, summation index MACD, McClellan oscillator, bullish % for SPX, bullish % for NYSE Gotta magnify to view

Cumulative up and down volume, small cap, mid cap, SP500, NYSE, SP1500 Gotta magnify to view

Advance Decline line for small cap, mid cap, SP500, NYSE, SP1500 Gotta magnify to view

Highs (green) & lows (red) for small cap, mid cap, SP500

Mike Burk Seasonality for the next few weeks is very negative. (That doesn’t sound good) ……

Possibly the greatest scene in documentary history. Incredible.

Most traders would do much better if they decreased the quantity of their trades,their trading size,& their desire to be right about a trade

On daily chart, step 1 isn’t labeled same as in 60 minute chart. That’s a big difference & hopefully channel breaks will guide correct count

SP500 – daily & 60 minute charts Daily – shows step 5 up 60 minute – shows possible long step 4?? We’ll see how this resolves in the future?

No breakout today, looks like more correction is still in progress SP500 NASDAQ Comp Russell 2000 Small Cap

LONG TERM = STEP 4 2009 Underway SHORT TERM = RALLY UNDERWAY Wave Count Instructions

2 indicators show resistance at the present level, but I’m waiting for another break to the upside.

My 2004 Screamin’ Demon Terminator has 625 RWHP, Whatcha got???…

Here is the most recent decline labeled with the count. Gotta dig up a longer term chart to show (with the count)

Employment report was well received today and the market has rallied toward the old highs. Will it make it??? That’s always the question??

Trump adviser Steve Bannon thinks there’s “no doubt” the US is headed for war in the South China Sea via @qz

Did you hear what happened with the groundhog this year? Today, he came up out of his hole and was immediately detained by Border Patrol.

Amazon earnings beat expectations, but sales were light 840.18+7.83 (+0.94%) Close 4:00PM EST 805.60 -34.58 (-4.12%) After hours 4:13PM EST

A Cadillac display in China Yup, that’s fish swimming around the car

So how big are Amazon’s earning going to be???

Yardeni Research

Yardeni Research

Yardeni Research

Yardeni Research

Yardeni Research

Yardeni Research

Yardeni Research

Yardeni Research & Investor’s Intelligence

Yardeni Research

SP500 futures have bounced off the same point 3 times in recent days

YAWN Tip of arrow shows the bar where the FED announcement occurred, a little up & a little down Not unusual for 10 SP500 points up or down

The calmest immediate market reaction I’ve ever seen to a FED announcement. We’ll see what happens in the next 30 minutes

Jan 2017 – 282 TWEETS

Forgot to mention that we had a renewed Dow Theory Buy signal on our most recent high

Rally continues after hours, “appears” we have a good bottom, but must overcome some higher highs to be valid, cover the gap around 2286

There was NO SELL signal today on this indicator…

Now you tell me when I’m old…

Rallying from double bottom, must see meaningful higher highs to validate this rally

1st sell on this indicator (NHI) since election nite. This sell is based on the close so today’s signal generation isn’t engraved in stone

SP500 futures toying with double bottom presently. If it doesn’t hold, we’re off on step 4 & 5 (if I have counted steps 1-3 correctly)

European Union’s chief BREXIT negotiator, Guy Verhofstadt, told Reuters that Donald Trump is part of a three-pronged attempt to undermine EU

SP500 futures market decline last few days, up to date at the moment of posting

How unconstitutional is the Trump executive order? Alan Dershowitz thinks it may be constitutional

History can be Powerful Stuff regardless of how you stand…

Don’t ya love politics, you can have so much fun watching them chase their tail. After 10 days, Dem. will call for impeachment of Trump 🤣

Hysteria over firing acting AG is at a high pitch thanks to 24 hour news. Hysteria over 1973’s Sat Nite Massacre was valid as Nixon was CYA

TriLateral Commission, Illuminati are buzz words for “THEM”.…

Immigration order legal? Kinda depends on who you listen to, but 24 hr news is having a field day with controversy. Supreme Court decides!!!

Saturday Night Massacre, Oct 20, 1973 1973 was a real massacre, tonight is minor in comparison Next step is the Supreme Court, final arbiter

Dollar is down, everything is down except gold & gold miners

“I’m so confused” John Travolta as Vinnie Barbarino in “Welcome Back Kotter”

SP500 futures wave count since election Notice how day after election has a peak but doesn’t stand out enuf to call it a completed step????

Russell Micro Cap Since Feb 2016 low, appears to have completed step 1 up prior to election, completing step 2 up after election

Russell Small Cap If correct, has 1 more rally left to go Notice recent step 3 & 4 up consists of only 2 rally days & then stops & corrects

DJIA has a completely different look where we may be just finishing step 2 up Let’s follow these chart with some small caps


Normally distrustful of new highs until there is distance put between new & old high

Just waiting to see how this is resolved to the upside or downside, but this current move “could” result in a larger decline

Two upside breakout days from last week could have been a false move with a resulting trap ???

If rally began @ election & it’s over, should see break of prior step lows. If lower lows doesn’t occur, rally could be intact. We’ll see

SP500 charts, count starts at a more obvious step 1 with no assurance that it is correct. If 5 count is correct, should see lower lows

Russell 200 large cap, long & short term views Placement of white step 1 up, a distinct break in uptrend with varied intensity with indexes

NASDAQ Composite #1 Uptrend since Feb 2016 #2 Same chart since June 2016 Count may have an error beginning with placement of white step 1

Making up some charts with counts, be ready to start posting soon

How the government treats wounded warriors. Lip service & little else. If politicians don’t allocate more money to VA, nothing will change

Politicians spend a LOT of time talking & doing little. This is NOT going to sit well with Trump cuz he’s too hyper to sit around & wait

SP500 futures – trend line down

Russell small cap futures – trend line down

Kinda wondering how many of Trump’s executive orders will stand up in court??? He’s certainly got the pedal to the metal at the White House

“How Trump’s Executive Orders Could Set America Back 70 Years” ???? IF TRUE, could create huge bear market after bull quits (when is that??)

Mike Burk’s comments reminded me to create RUT SPX comparison chart, it’s at Page 6, chart #8 Gotta magnify the tweeted chart to see clearly

How Economic Machine Work… Can’t tell when a peak/bottom has occurred cuz that happens during the best/worst of times

On Tues,  may have paved the way to $17bn worth of projects, including Keystone XL Pipeline & the Dakota Access Pipeline @CNBC

And the walk-in fridge always goes out on Friday night and you have lotsa food in there for a BIG weekend…

Weekly charts weed out the daily noise

New record this week in speculative net short positions against the VIX:

Cartoons van de week. ( LOL ) The Good, The Bad & The Volatile.

Do Deficits Still Matter to Republicans? Party leaders are embarking on an expensive legislative agenda—and they might wait to pay the bill.

Live in CA & there are weirdos here, particularly No. Calif Proposal for Calif to secede from USA submitted to Secretary of State this week


#1 SP500 futures with trend lines #2 NASDAQ 100 futures #3 Russell small cap futures Small caps are suffering more than the larger caps

Trend line for the last 3 days in the SP500 futures (ES is the symbol for SP500 futures)

Strong price rise today and the call/put ratio was strongly weighted to the put side (sell)



+-DMI 60 minute Chart #1 possible false sell presently Chart #2 false sell 12/8/2016 on initial breakout

+-DMI 60 Minute is in a temporary correction mode, although sometimes in initial breakout mode, it will render a false signal

Been on a buy since election night

Another green candlestick tomorrow will be a good indication of more to go on the upside

Amazing that 1984 has risen to #1 on Amazon!!!

1984 “Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind”

1984 “In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” “It’s a beautiful thing, the destruction of words.”

‘1984’ #1 on Amazon “There was truth and there was untruth, and if you clung to the truth even against the whole world, you were not mad.”

Opinion – 1/25/2017 Dow 20,000 shows why a 21-year-old forecast for Dow 116,200 in 2040 still makes sense

New Book – Published on 11/14/2000 “Dow 36,000: The New Strategy for Profiting from the Coming Rise in the Stock Market” AND NOW WE HAVE

FEDEX CEO: The US trying to grow without free trade ‘would be like trying to breathe without oxygen

Sounds like a threat to NBC to me

Here’s why the awesome 2017 Acura NSX is a finalist for the Autoblog Tech of the Year awards:

The 2018 @FordMustang retires its V6 and evolves into a better car:

With the S&P 500 trading at extremes with bullish sentiment pushing exuberance – risk has risen.…

Ammunition is too expensive to use in the new guns…

Trump To Sign Executive Order Restricting Immigration From Seven Muslim Countries

I hate the grill…

How small consistent monthly returns can grow your capital. (Spoiler: it’s not easy to do).

Mind full vs. mindful.

As long as I can drive out of it to a snowless home…

Probably going to be a lot of this as Trump deregulates the govt.…

Are we seeing end of traditional retailing. I know I prefer Amazon & love the buyer feedback to keep me from buying a bad, or so so product…

NHI = “no humans involved”. a digusting term used by police dept when dealing with prostitutes, term not allowed here anymore

NHI market signals #1 on a buy, hardly any whipsaws #2 on a buy, beware of trendless markets #3 on a buy since election, slower to react

I bot into this worry situation when I should have paid attention to deregulation. I was telling market what to do & that ain’t proper.…

The call/put ratio is certainly not saying we are in a sell zone. More puts being bought than calls.

My guess of around 2281 was close, the peak today was 2280.50, good enuf for govt. work Earlier it was supposed to say “higher high”…

I see 9 stocks of the DJIA in significant down trends, whoever I read that said 10 was probably more severe in his grading than I was…

DIJA isn’t going to hit 20,000 today, read that 10 of the 30 stocks are in a bear market. I’m going to look at the charts and see true or?

Broke trend line (yellow) and made new highs seemingly overcoming resistance, will it close below or above the trend line??

This is certainly a trend day and is the best day in awhile. This may be a meaningful breakout.

Trump is building a wall of worry, and that might be good news for stocks (???)…

Overhead resistance in the SP500 futures, chart up to date. Expect a higher possibly around 2281, today???

Count would say we finished step 3 of 3 down & we are in a 3 step rally. We appear to be in step 2 up. Watch the overhead resistance line!!

Is today’s rally over or just resting???

RETWEET if you agree: Barron Trump is a child and should never be attacked like the way he has been.

USA’s infrastructure is really bad & needs rebuilding, everyone in DC knows this, but no money comes to do…

Trump and the Press Live in Interesting Times…

Jeff Saut still looking for a correction

“both in person and around the globe” It’s factual saying this: “both in person” PLUS “around the globe” Reagan had the largest in person

U.S. National Drag Races – Jan 27-29 on

@Stock_Trend_Chg I feel the need . . . the need for speed

The Marble Caves (Cuevas de Mármol) are found in an isolated glacial lake on the Chile-Argentina border. (Photo: J Vieras)

Winter: Wooden Storehouse (built 1597) under the Mountains by Daniel Meyer

Fast production car from Honda…

Sorry I’m not obsessed with this, but maybe I’m too weird…

Look at the perceived wave count. We could be ripe for that rally to the old highs.

A new peak failure would give major impetus to the downside. The reverse is also true, a breakout above 20,000 DJIA could be a new leg up

Trend lines for 3 indexes, break of upper trend line & rally back to old highs, a new peak failure would give major impetus to the downside

This is gold. Keep it up! @POTUS  👏👏

Both NFL winners overwhelmed their opponents. Congrats to Falcons and Patriots.

Not much of a decline tonight in the SP500 futures, down about 5 points. Failure to break to the downside gives power to the upside.

GB Packers don’t look good enuf so far, but Atlanta Falcons are sharp. 2nd half turnaround???

Famed market technician, Tom DeMark says a market reversal is…

Trump is creating uncertainty and Wall Street hates uncertainty

Inverted weekly unemployment job claims – long term

Inverted weekly unemployment job claims

Volatility index

Snore . . . zzzzzzz

Stocks above their 20 day average There is a divergence taking place on the recent price highs Magnify chart

Stocks above their 200 day average There is a divergence taking place on the recent price highs Magnify chart

Adv-Dec cumulative line Adv-Dec volume cumulative line Gotta magnify images to see them properly

Signals unsure of the direction, every day gives an opposite signal

My first mention of a peak in the market It proved to be top day…

SP500 futures today

Let’s help liberals out. Please spread. , ‘Former President Obama’

Overhead supply still intact, a level to watch for a breakout

This is GREAT news, if it takes place

Today’s Call/Put ration is only .68, which means there was 68 calls bought for every 100 puts. Note that the put/call ratio is reversed

One of the strongest indexes has started correcting. It looks like it’s in step 2 of step 3 down.

Jeff Saut January was the lowest volatility month since 1970

I was on Columbia Icefield in Aug many years ago & it wasn’t this beautiful. Even in Aug it was snowing on the glacier…

Money supply slowdown

FAANGS are all sick except for Netflix. Netflix has been up 52% in the last 6 months and probably needs to take a breather

SP500 RSI divergence on recent high

Junk bond sentiment has been flat to small decline recently

Put/Call ratio has not been going anywhere recently. It stands at the midpoint of a buy or sell

Divergence Equal weighted SP500 never made a new high

Non-conformation on last 3 charts

Temporary top OK but bigger top looks unlikely on this chart…

Trump will act on NAFTA and TPP “very shortly,” spokesman says

Testing another trend line

Sseeing lotsa charts from stock market people today. Lotsa people had been waiting for breakdown, makes me uncomfortable to be with crowd

@SevenSentinels Are we having fun yet

NYSE composite, it strike me on a quick look that it has more upside left to it. Gotta study up and see if that’s true cuz top isn’t right

@askslim Your charts are very nicely done

Look at the NASDAQ, last to leave the party and first to come

Breaking a trend line and tumble

VIX in recent days including today

Musta been a big deep pothole…

@askslim Looks like the Hurst cycle software

Rydex long/short ratio euphoric, above late 1999 bubble-mania extremes  h/t @LeutholdGroup

“The ‘Trump bump’ might finally fizzle after inauguration day” I don’t like being on the side with the crowd, makes me want to reconsider.

Market waiting 2 see what Trump does. A big first day repealing executive orders. Most controversial is Trans Pacific Partnership

The market needs to break out to confirm if market is in an extended wave count, a 4 & 5. It looks like a completed 3 count

Another formula indicator It is on a sell signal, but gives many signals during a trendless market

Another formula indicator It hasn’t given a sell yet cuz prices have no trend Red & green arrows indicate buy and sell points

One of the formula indicators It’s trending towards a sell, but not quite there yet

2 of 3 mechanical indicators had a sell signal today. Signals are generated by closing figures. Gotta watch for the whip lash occurring here


Jeff Saut isn’t very bullish presently

Stock Market will tell us how Trump’s repeal of Presidential executive actions play on the 1st day in office???

2 ways to count uptrend. Decline or get a 4 & 5up?? One chart, last point is red, & green in other. Color change takes place at -8 for SP500

And if the market closes negative today, we’ve got a red point today for the 3rd sell signal since election. Prior 2 sells were very minor

Been steadily losing momentum and that green dot is going to turn red with not much of a decline

I unfollowed a couple of sex sites this morning that I didn’t realize I had.

Send me a message of a follower that is sex site. Got nuthin’ against sex but other followers don’t want it on their stock market page

The cheat sheet you can print out. Have on your desk. And the teacher won’t send you to the principals office

Have read this page a few dozen times. Many of the most important lessons in trading are on it.

Forumula indicator, works nicely until market gets into a trading range and then results in many flip flop losing trades

NO FEAR 30 minute and daily VIX

Deception Bus This VW Bus With a Big-Block V8 Is a Nitrous-Boosted Drag Monster…

If the Rams and Chargers share a stadium, shouldn’t it be sponsored by Dodge??   

The narrow width of the candlesticks is showing a market that is resting and “could” precede a change in direction. Watch for a larger move

We were due for a rebound when prices penetrated the envelope on the downside and the lower indicator showed a divergent move on the low

I guess the peak the T Theory © was looking for already occurred a couple days ago

NASDAQ on a 60 minute chart instead of the daily. I see a recent triple top, which could be easily broken. Triples are not engraved in stone

NASDAQ appears to be near the upper trend line and it is the 3rd step since the last correction (Sep-Oct)

Adv Dec cumulative volume has a similar look to the AD line

Adv Dec line is still toppy looking, needs a breakout or breakdown

2018 Mustang GT500’s distinguishing feature, a TWIN-turbocharged…

Hearing lots of this for it to likely be true. Earlier or later, yes “Here’s why Trump’s inauguration could mark a near-term top for stocks”

Formula indicator that has flowed along nicely, illustrating that the corrections have been mild to date. Penetrated envelope & consolidated

The FAANG stocks have been performing well in recent days and likely contributed a lot to the NASDAQ performance

Nasdaq is outperforming the large caps

@17_6YrStockCyc Me too

Someone thinks Brexit is going to work out well for the Brits

British FTSE index, 1st week, 2nd daily Lotsa consecutive upward days, strong move Edson Gould said often lead our market, true now????

T Theory© has a top predicted in next week or so Centerpost is an average of 2 bottoms, so there is leeway forward for the top

LONG TERM = STEP 4 2009 SHORT TERM = LG CAP HI SUSPECT Best Market Tweet Wave Count

Jeff Saut “Therefore, if you are looking to take profits and reduce equity exposure, this coming week may be a good opportunity to do so.”

On 8/13/82 There was 1 advisory letter that was screaming buy & had only just turned bullish. Today not so good but then EWT was perfect

I found this little gem while looking for the news event that turned stock market up in Aug 1982…

8/13/82 NO ONE was bullish and buying stocks, smart people were locking in the HIGH interest rate bonds that weren’t callable,

8/13/82 was kickoff point for the great bull run to year 2000, 18 year run. Interest rates began their downward trend which might be ending

Example I bot contracts 8/10/82 thought market had bottom, but 8/13/82 Major U.S. banks begin lowering prime interest rate from 15 to 13.5%

NY Times August 1982 Back when they didn’t have clue about nuclear war. It was definitely survivable, just remember to “duck and cover”

When I’m really on my game. I would know market was finished on the downside, I likely bot, but had to wait until a news event took place

You know that if try to predict stock market, you’re in most difficult business on earth, because it is an impossible job to do correctly

60 minute SP500 60 min DJIA 60 min NASDAQ (MAY have just peaked) 60 min Russell small cap

Another formula indictor stil on buy but close to changing unless tomorrow is up

Definitely not a quitter, kept at it until he got where he was destined to be…

Another formula indicator still on buy signal

Forumula indicator is one where no humans are involved in the decision of buy or sell signals

Current whiplash on this formula indicator

While I’m dumb enuf to try and pick highs and low. Getting the big ones right is all that is important.

Often don’t have the time to read other tweets on this thread and some of them are quite wise ideas. Most never try to pick a top or bottom

Should read stock ideas posted on this thread, but I’ve always been an island into myself trying not to be influenced. OK when right, but…

1st chart +-DMI current 2nd chart +-DMI Jan-Feb 2016 DMI current opposite of Jan-Feb 2016 1st thrust overthrow of band, 2nd stops on band

Alternate count on small cap index RUT 1st chart possible & signals possible end of cyan 4 2nd chart also possible & signals more up in 5

How to count this, 1st chart daily RUT, 2nd chart 30 min RUT Labeled Jan 5 hi (lower high) as #4 since Feb low BUT there is alternate? MORE

Look how low the VIX has declined

Adv Dec cumulative volume has a similar look to the regular adv dec line.

Adv Dec line for different indexes, all except NYSE index are kinda stagnant Need to magnify the picture to see finer details

Nutty enuf 2 like drag racing, saw “Street Outlaws”, racing on street, they have agreement with city & their races…

Last time the smaller caps weren’t in gear with the lg caps, it took awhile before lg caps got in gear with smaller caps on the downside

A little longer look at the Russell smaller cap indexes 1st mid cap 2nd small cap 3rd micro cap

LONG TERM = STEP 4 2009 SHORT TERM = NEW HIGH LG CAP ? Best Market Tweets Wave Count

Smaller cap have been sick recently, not close to new highs 1st mid cap was at a MARGINAL new high & declined 2nd small cap, 3rd micro cap 😭

Large caps had a record breaking day, 1st SP500, 2nd DJIA, 3rd NASDAQ 100 but look at the next tweet for a little CAUTION

Got a formula indicator buy signal on Wed The last sell & new buy signal appear to be close to a wash, normal in trendless markets

SP500 futures 60 minute step count 60 minute and daily don’t always agree on the count

Daily SPX trendiness

I don’t like to see MARGINAL new highs that stop, and after a correction make another marginal new high. That’s kinda toppy

Projection levels, stopped at 61%, 50% and 38% presently next is the 100% level, which is around 2600 We’ll see about that

Cyan 4 wave count – weekly charts When the +-DMI gives a signal on a weekly chart, it appears to be good advice

Trendlines – looks good for now

Car auctions a fun way to spend too much time. I recorded the auction and then sped thru until saw car of interest…

But the 3rd step isn’t finished so SP and DJIA could catch up???

Nasdaq 100 futures look like they’re in 3rd step up. Don’t see that count in SP500 or DJIA I would rely on the Nasdaq count as being correct


So far it only looks like 2 steps up, so there should be at least an attempt at a 3rd step

Double top in SP500 futures in 7 trading days, gotta break that top area or it’s gonna be meaningful

So far today, there isn’t going to be a 3rd green candlestick so nix on the strong uptrend signal…

We didn’t get higher highs yet, but this could be a simple correction, not yet a significant decline. Stopping so far in area of resistance

Forget the title of the tweet, but that’s a funny GIF of our new Prez…

It’s simple: The definition of an uptrend is higher highs with higher lows. A downtrend is lower highs with lower lows 🕶️

My thought about 5 steps down is trash. Had that feeling cuz of the higher low on step 2. We still need a higher high to CONFIRM (red lines)

Look at perfect support line. Too good to guess about it. Notice 2 green candlesticks up, a 3rd one makes it 3 soldiers up, strong signal

They still make hard cover books????…

Takes big ones to come back from a crash with fire, like he experienced in 2015

From Jeff Saut’s column today

History of the inverted jobs line and market peaks

No problems except it’s touching the red line. Its done that several times since 2009. A meaningful dip below the line could be a warning

8 years since we’ve had a crisis, 2008 sub-prime problems, which almost brought all the big banks down. Maybe we’ll get another crisis soon?

Anybody remember the Asian monetary crisis in 1998. It spread to Mexico & US loaned Mexico money secured by their oil sales.

Long term steps in SP500 since 2009 Compare year 2000 with SP500 and DJIA (2nd chart) Conventional peak was 1998 with thrower in 2000

FAANG stocks are below their highs. FB looks like it counts well & could indicate that it might be waiting for last step down. Just a guess

PE ratio for SP500

Another long term indicator

A reasonably good indicator of long term trends

Long term indicator, Oct 2007 was a false peak and is clearly indicated in this chart. 2014 was a loss of momentum, correction began in 2015

Info on Terry Laundry’s T-Theory ©… Lotsa info, many many hours. Terry drones on in the audio, but listen closely

@DWL618 Terry called 1st half of the T, the accumulation period. 2nd half is the advance phase. Terry also alluded to bear Ts.

@wekim77 MACD, Terry calculated it in a different way, but this turns out to be virtually the same.

@MarketTim3r Most of the time, but in this case it is at the point of breakout of the down trend line. This is a VERY crude drawing

British FTSE 100 just made an all time new high. This index often moves in sympathy or “in advance” of the US stock market indexes.

The Put/Call ratio has moved close to a neutral position after a full blown sell signal on 12/13

Terry was always looking for mega-Ts that would span many years. Possibly we have 1 in effect lasting until 2024. See my blog for Terry info

See if there is a divergence here on next rally toward new highs. Divergence would indicate a weakening of internals. To make sure all is OK

Chart of Russell small cap has 3 bottoms in same area (-3%), Third step looks like it has 5 steps in it. “Could” be bottom, but wait & see

Decline in SP 500, Russell small cap, Nasdaq 100 Looked like 5 step decline early, but no confirmation. Now we have 3 steps down completed

Have they not seen the movie “Independence Day” 😟…r


The 20 Deadliest Events in Human History.

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