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2016 Tweets by Bob

March 7, 2017

03/06/17 . . .  by Bob Karrow


  • My charts consist of all the items that Paul Desmond warned about in his paper, “The Warning Signs Of Major Market Tops”, which you can find at the following link


  • If you aren’t familiar with my unorthodox wave counting method, there is a simple explanation at the beginning of the glossary. The glossary also contains lots of other details (explanations) that don’t appear in the blog.



  • A lot of visitors to my blog are looking for information on T-Theory ®.  The below link will take you to the index of all of Terry’s comments during the period Dec 2003 to June 2011.  There are a considerable amount of charts and audio material from Terry Laundry in this section.
  • If you are looking for the ability to make your own predictions using T-THEORY ®, I would highly recommend Terry’s Encyclopedia on T-THEORY ®


Dec 2016 – 193 TWEETS

@metasyntrading I use lots of different time frames, hoping to find clarity in one time that tells the correct story.

still in a correction

I’m referring to the correction after 3 in a 5 step up. After 5 would occur the larger correction. When channel broken, larger correction…

You can think of bottoms characterized as breakouts (fast) and tops are breakdowns (slow)

A simple buy/sell indicator. It must be ignored during a horizontal or trendless market as many whipsaw signals are generated

Note size & time of the correction after white 2 ended. If we subdivide (5 steps up), correction will not be as long as after white step 2

Where are we at in the correction? Probably in step 2 down, meaning there is more to go

Unless this bull market since 2009 subdivides like the 1990s, cyan 5 should be the last move in this bull run, but things will & do change

Perspective Cyan step 4 consists of 3 white steps, will cyan 4 subdivide into 5 white steps, or larger correction followed by cyan 5 up

Globalization under siege Globalization has successfully exported USA wealth to former 3rd world countries

Daily SPX chart shows 2 step up, 1st chart 60 minute SPX chart shows 3 step up, 2nd chart Going with step 3 up, camouflaged in daily chart

Just when I declared we are in step 2 up . . . I’ve changed my mind to step 3 up. Guess I’m a wishy washy dummy, but more in next tweet

LONG TERM = STEP 4 2009 SHORT TERM = STEP 3 REVERSAL Best Market Tweets Wave Count

4 Russell indexes, 2 show we have had 3 steps up and 2 say we are in step 2. Most charts show 2 steps up, so I have decided we are in 2 up

This indicator will give whip saw buy and sell notices during a non-trending market, which has been prevalent since 12/14

This particular indicator gave its first sell since before election day (Nov 4) Don’t know if this wave count is correct, could be ending 2?

From Jeff Saut’s column today

“If Santa Fails to Call the Bears Will Roam on Broad and Wall”

Bought 2004 Screamin’ Demon from Terry Schroeder few years ago. This article on the car appeared in Nov 2012 “Muscles Mustangs & Fast Fords”

’68 Charger Not my Charger pics, 1st picture is best rendition of the exterior green color except top is black, 2nd pic has green landau top

My Dodge Charger R/T had dark green interior, black bumblebee stripes Prior to my 2004 Mustang Cobra, Charger was the faster car I had owned

I had 1968 Charger, ordered from the factory with all the goodies, green metallic exterior & dark green vinyl top…

Waiting for small step 3 since election Since election, green dots have been continuous, only turning red during correction after step 1

May the Force always be with you…

LONG TERM = STEP 4 2009 SHORT TERM = STEP 2 or 3 REVERSAL Best Market Tweets Wave Count

Mike Burk The good news is: • We are in one of the seasonally strongest periods of the year. 😃……0

@wekim77 His envelopes were akin to Keltner envelopes

Expectedly a boring day, cuz there is nobody left on Wall St today, just the junior traders, whose mission is to not screw up anything

@Sightse61449546 @agunnforbes Terry’s work from 2004 to 2011 in MY BLOG That certainly doesn’t make my calcs correct

@Sightse61449546 @agunnforbes I don’t draw Ts. I have 3 lines, 1st represents beginning of T, 2nd is midpoint, 3rd is end of T.

Pitchfork limiting upper area of highs in the SP500 Points used were 2003 bottom, 2007 peak, 2009 low

The NORMAL expectation is that the index shouldn’t CLOSE outside the envelope for more than 3 days

Risk on or risk off Ratio of high beta to low beta

An interesting indicator Supposition is that the health of overall market is clearer with equal weight SP500 (SPXEW) than the weighted SPX

T Theory © posts for Jan 2017 possible peak Green midpoint average of 2 bottoms Lotsa Terry Laundry stuff at my blog

Gonna watch for divergence on the next rally PAGE 1 CHART 5 – – PERCENTAGE ABOVE 50 DAY MOVING AVERAGE – – INTERMEDIATE TERM – DIVERGENCES

Good indicator of when problems are evolving.

I did the same thing in 1982 & got a hefty price reduction cuz no one was buying houses. Naturally I refinanced as rates went down…

Incorporated (TV series) had a clip showing starving Americans & for only a few Yuan per month you can feed an American child Pretty funny

Sentiment is relative, often times going to extremes never seen. It’s never a this is it situation. and THE TREND IS always YOUR FRIEND…

Early baby boomer, I have lived thru worse than this. For instance, Oct 1982 was kinda frightening as both sides were squaring off for war…

Under Obama the US has quietly modernized its nuclear arsenal and delivery systems. This will continue thru……

@JustSignals If the left side of a signal isn’t off the chart, left center & right in the SAME COLOR show all of the post points.

The crowd thinks this is the right time to buy stocks?? Buy the dip, throw your savings into the stock market – you can’t possible go wrong.

FAANGS can’t muster anything better than a double top. The stars of this market have no glamour left. In the past this has signaled problems

If I’ve done this right, T-Theory © has a possible peak set for early in January 2017

Double tops abound in the different cap indexes, from small cap to SP1500

Russell micro caps made a new high recently, while the Russell small caps have been in a correction since 12/9

@DavidLentz9 Perspective on where we are since 2009 and the present, monthly and weekly charts

Art Cashin Comments 12/22/16

If present decline makes a higher low will signal beginning of step 3 up since early Nov, I have distrusted step 1 label since early Nov low

If the present decline makes a lower low, we will be in step 2 down since 12/13 peak

Lotsa people won’t be trading after today as they take a LONG weekend


Extreme ADX, usually means that after a correction, we should still see higher prices after the correction. Not engraved in stone but close

A conventional parameter fast stochastic buy sell signals, not as good as the previous stochastic chart

This buy sell signal chart is based on stochastics and had a buy signal on Nov 7 and still is bullish Wave count illustrated is likely wrong

Art Cashin comments for today

Flipped over into buy mode today, not surprising since we’re in a horizontal correction, flip flops take place all the time when trendlesss

Fibonacci radials on Russell small cap (RUT), looks valid

Longer view of NASDAQ 100 with overhead resistance

NASDAQ 100 futures with a declining trend line

Art Cashin Volumes may shrink as holidays near. Stay wary, alert and very, very nimble.

So, what are you getting yourself for Christmas??? I bought a new shed so I have someplace to put my toys.

What Dow 20,000 means for stock-market investors nothing

Fibonacci radial and a trend channel in yellow, overhead resistance line in white

This indicator flashed a sell today, but that could change with a stronger close First sell since election day

Small and micro caps are doing relatively better today 1st screenshot was earlier today 2nd screenshot is current

Mate at a broker just sent me this. How’s that for a crap start to Xmas 😭 this trader must be in

IMF Head Christine Lagarde Convicted in French Negligence Trial Christine is a very smart & savvy economist, Always liked her & still will

SP500 futures were at the top edge of the envelope recently, declining away from peak at a slow sideways movement

1st chart – Flip flop of signals 2nd chart – A sell signal several days ago No real gain on a short sale at this time, seasonality is strong

Nothing to add that hasn’t been posted recently and the summation post at the top of my tweets

LONG TERM = STEP 4 2009 SHORT TERM = STEP 3 REVERSAL Best Stock Market Tweets Wave Count

Mike Burk Seasonality is really the only story. For the next 2 weeks the market should drift upward on low volume. ……

Dow traded at a new high Thursday yet a lot of issues actually hit new lows; similar signals in the past have boded poorly for stocks D Lyon

I’m gonna stick with my correction prediction even though we might have some more rally before the real decline sets in.

DMI is still showing a decline is still in the cards. There “might” be a 3rd bump in the DMI index indicating their final 3rd step

This indicator hasn’t flipped over. Maybe the only one that is flipped out is me.

Small and micro caps are leading the charge today

Cable internet has been out since early this morning until a few minutes ago

2009-2011 labeled large steps 1 & 2, but some indicators show possibility step 2 should really only be step 1. Weird thought?? No worry now!

Russell small cap index shows the possible wave count

Step 3 in cyan 4 is over cuz I THINK it’s over, but I don’t have enough evidence that it’s finished. It’s a prediction vs. absolute evidence

Russell small cap index shows the possible wave count

LONG TERM = STEP #4 2009 SHORT TERM = STEP 3 with REVERSAL Wave Counting Comments

No sell signal on this indicator, but last time it gave a sell, it lasted only 3 days

@DavidLentz9 Just posted this chart . . . great minds think alike

One possible way of looking at the value line geometric index. Kinda bearish outlook from this view point

Here is my chart of the value line geometric index since 1996, notice how the peak in 2000 appears on this chart

I put a lot of decision making into the Value Line Geo. index…

After attempt to rally back to old highs failed, a smaller rally attempt was made & was met quickly by a selling wave taking it to new lows

IF this is the end of cyan 4, how long will the decline last? If cyan 4 is followed by cyan 5, the decline will last weeks instead of days

Confirmation of a decline, a rally with lower high and then another decline below prior low

Gotta see a lower low than the Tues SPX low Small caps are falling while large caps are rising after initial decline

LONG TERM = STEP #4 SHORT TERM = STEP 3 with REVERSAL warning Wave Counting Comments

This is what I’m seeing presently, a probable 3 step down is underway after completing a 3 step up since 11/9 & since 12/4

@DavidLentz9 Never thought you were calling me out, I often don’t make myself clear. Retweeted statement in question and corrected myself

Small cap in 4th step down from 12/9/16 high, more to go on the downside before it’s done. Makes you think if true, lg caps will correct too

This tweet is for WHEN cyan 4 actually ends…

@DavidLentz9 But yes I am suggesting that the market may be ending cyan 4, BUT after a correction it could carry on in cyan 4 substep 4???

@DavidLentz9 Never confirmation until market does it, until then suggest there is a “possibility”, some are off the wall & others mainstream

End of cyan 4, correction If all is OK, not below Halloween low If all is weaker & still OK, not below June low All is not OK, below Feb low

Since 2009 STEP 3 lasted from 10/2011 to 5/2015 If STEP 4 lasts as long as STEPS 1 & 2 It should end soon

When Trump Meets Tech Leaders, Jobs Will Be on the Agenda & anything else Trump wants to talk about like taxing tech company offshore money

Before FED announcement, large cap declines are non-existent while small & micro caps are down about .75%

Kennedy’s steel price speech rattled Wall St. At the time steel was the dominant US industry Trump on big Pharma prices produces nothing

The Federalist Papers exhibit a great fear of democracy. I always took those passages literally but not too seriously. I do now.

60% BULLS 19% BEARS Don’t see this everyday…

@wekim77 Lows are at higher figure than what we’ve seen since Feb. It sticks out because we’re rising rapidly, indicating possible decline

@wekim77 I’ve been looking for a top of some type soon, we’re in step 3 so lots COULD happen.

@wekim77 I laughed (out loud) when I read your question, it hit me as pretty funny.

If peak comes on Wed expect price run up to new highs, a reversal that declines & closes negative for the day. Classic if it occurs this way

put/call ratio seems to pinpoint next few days as a peak of some type. If not, then there is a deeper plunge in the P/C ratio still to come

LONG TERM = STEP #4 SHORT TERM = STEP 3 UP – reversal warning Wave Counting Comments

Put / Call ratio is significantly in the sell zone and with today’s plunge in the ratio, we seem to be very close to the DAY of the reversal

Small cap problems???…

Maybe I should start eating better? OR Since I’m alreday old, I’m gonna eat everything I enjoy & let the doc keep putting stents in my heart

OMG!!! Every time I buy a new TV has always corresponded to every peak in the stock market. Thatsa much better indicator than Papal visits…

Same chart as earlier only with the SPX

Markets don’t care about your opinion or mine. It’s the collective ACTIONS (shrewd or otherwise) of all buyers and sellers that drive price.…

How Do You Recognize Fake News?…

Yeah and I want more and more money too, free money is being given away by the stock market…

Small business optimism index, recent peak was 100.3

Small business lending index

4 Small & micro caps failing to advance might say that these stocks will be hurt more by FED increase than larger cap stocks.

3 I have seen it happen once during this bull cycle (2009) & market continued rising after the FED announcement on Wed (2 PM).

2 Chart below has all in the green except Russell small & micro cap. Typical rise today is around .7%. This is strange & infrequent behavior

1 2.5 days prior to a FED announcement is normally flat to down slightly. This Mon was typical. Today is not typical with a moderate uptrend

Small and micro caps are down the most today

Large steps down (bear markets),

Example of short steps 4 & 5. REAL peak occurred at end of step 3. Steps 4 & 5 were part of peaking process. 1982-2000 had long steps 4 & 5

Step 1 & 2 were recovery steps of 2008 bear market Step 3 was LONG & lotsa steps subdivided If step 4 is short step, means step 5 short too

FED decision to raise rates should be baked into this market. Always volatility on FED day, could have more volatility than usual this week

Started a mini correction on Sunday. If correction lasts 3.5 days from Sun would be positioned to either rally or decline more. wait & see

Wave count Possibility that we’re completing step 2 up instead of step 3, if so, mini-correction. If it’s step 3 would be bigger correction

When a mini correction begins, it should last no longer than 3 days. If it exceeds 3 days, it probably won’t be a mini correction

Mike Burk Seasonality is positive for the rest of the month. ……

Or when FED raises rates, market corrects for a week or so. Certainly everyone knows the FED wants to raise rates, surprise is no rate raise

When FED raises rates next week, market immediately falls, but then it reverses at some unknown point and advances. Rate rise is baked in.

Large caps are doing OK today, but mid, small & micro cap are lagging. The “R” indexes below are Russell, RUI is a Russell large index

Almost 500k Americans dropped out of the labor force in November, bringing the labor force participation rate to a dismal 62.7%.

StockCharts is showing a larger new high % in 1982 It marked a short term stagnant period B4 market ran again to 1983 intermediate term peak

Next week is the FED meeting where they almost certainly will raise interest rates. If they don’t it would be a big surprise.

FAANG is left out of the new high list. They’re kinda sickly. When the glamour stocks don’t have glamour, something is amiss

I’m only short term cautious, intermediate and longer term are wide open for now

Lotsa tweets today showing lotsa excitement, very few cautious people out there.

ChOTD-12/8/16 Airlines Stocks Forming Massive Cup-&-Handle? $JETS $DAL $UAL

I knew the percentage highs were way too high, but the most in history is an eye opener…

I didn’t know that Tucker was a Russian agent?…

Look at the small and micro caps go today. Seems the bigger they are, the slower they’re going

FULL Dow Theory buy signal as the DJ Transports have reached an all-time new high

McClellan oscillator is not massively overbought, just overbought

WOW, 24% of all stocks on the NYSE are at new highs, that’s the largest number of this entire bull market since 2009. Too exuberant !!!!

Lotsa things are near or at extreme levels, but it doesn’t mean a reversal will take place immediately. You MUST wait for a reversal point

ADX has reached extreme levels, which frequently denote near term reversals

Nearing limits of upper envelope, which means a reversal, slower advance or zig zag advance

Charts 1 & 2 are weekly, charts 3 & 4 are daily

LONG TERM = 2009, STEP #4 SHORT TERM = STEP 3 UP – Careful now Wave Counting Comments

Daily DMI signals are much more powerful than 60 minute And Weekly DMI signals are more powerful than daily signals

60 minute DMI+ (green) is way overbought, Think of DMI lines, green is the level of buying pressure and the red line is selling pressure

Contact with a trend line ADX at warning areas on both DMI+ (green) and DMI- (red) Carefully now, but overbought markets can often surprise

Daily DMI is showing an overbought market, doesn’t mean it’s going down now but soon, watch for correction long enough to defuse daily chart

Blowoff run to a near term top, not now but soon

Don’t follow me if you just want to ditch me right after…bye bye 

@wekim77 Sometimes, it depends on how confident I am on the future market moves ADX DMI are giving warnings presently


Russell 2000 small caps (RUT) appears to be in step 2 up and should have further to go before the top in step 3

Looks like 3 small steps up today, small correction should be underway Exception would be 5 steps up, but for now I’ll just say 3 up

LONG TERM = SINCE 2009, STEP #4 SHORT TERM = STEP #3 UP Wave Counting Market Comments

Step 3 up continues Current Fibonacci lines appear to be valid for the moment

I’ll bet those 3 unfollowers are probably going to miss me soon. 

Probably began step 3 up today

LONG TERM = SINCE 2009 STEP #4 SHORT TERM = #3 RALLY Wave Counting Market Comments

Small & Micro caps are flying high today, up 1.66% and 1.81%

Fibonacci trend lines up and down revealing some possible resistance lines

We’ll see how the Italian election goes on Sunday. Might have some volatility due to the election results???

Ended the week playing with one of the upper trend lines

Perspective beginning in 1974 (see notes)

Perspective of where we are at presently. Beginning with smallest time frame to the longest

LONG TERM = SINCE 2009 STEP #4 SHORT TERM = #2 CORRECTION Wave Counting Market Comments

Step 3 has 3 channels that aren’t labeled but are easily seen starting at the top of step 2 rally. Use a straight edge if you have problems

Read the note on the 1st chart and see the lines on 2nd chart. The channel still isn’t broken, but it should be on Monday.

3 steps down in the SP futures, 5 and 30 minute charts We should rally now & how far it goes will tell us if something worse is at hand

Nov 2016 – 291 TWEETS

3 steps down this afternoon in the SP futures

Rate Hike The Federal Reserve says the economy continued to grow across most of the US, according to its Beige Book released on Wednesday

Significant Concern In Subprime Auto Loans, New York Fed Warns

Look like our beach after the 4th of July…

HEY, that is a Live Leak…

@Stock_Trend_Chg A reversal of trend is always what separates those in the know vs. trend followers. Off my soap box for now.

@Stock_Trend_Chg Offers of how to make money in stock market will disappear in a bear market. A bear market lasts 1 year or more, loses >35%

@Stock_Trend_Chg If anyone had genuine secrets to stock market, they wouldn’t sell them cheaply as seen on Twitter I have no secrets to sell

For only $1,000,000 I’ll teach you secrets to my wave counting Limited 20 year offer Oh wait, wave counting is free


8 min chart of Russell 2000 small caps (RUT), in a correction since 10/24 Appears to be in 3rd step down presently

Can’t go straight up forever, gotta take a break occasionally to catch your breath

Dow Industrials are in triangle. NASDAQ is getting pounded. Small & Microcaps had been out performing but are suffering downside correct

@Stock_Trend_Chg New high this morning in SPX, which appeared to be step 2 up. But market turned down immediately

LONG TERM = SINCE 2009 STEP #4 SHORT TERM = SM CORRECTION Wave Counting Market Comments

Completed 5 steps down & rallied. Should rally more, but nothing is engraved in stone. 2nd decline smaller than 1st decline after election??

Advance Decline line sectors BUT NYSE as a whole is not at new high NYSE has a lot of interest rate sensitive stocks & that’s causing lag

Advance Decline line sectors SP1500 at new high

Advance Decline line sectors SP500 at new high

Advance Decline line sectors mid cap at new high

Advance Decline line sectors small cap at new high

Having a bad day…

LONG TERM = SINCE 2009 STEP #4 SHORT TERM = SM CORRECTION Wave Counting Market Comments

Rally today but the small & microcaps are not participating in the rally ES, SMALL, MICRO

Teacher mad but ⁉️

Prank Fail 😀

Lotsa tweets from “experts” for methods that will make you rich. If they worked, WHY SELL IT?? TRUE, only the minority can win on Wall St

obligating brokers & financial advisors to put well-being of clients ahead of their own compensation desires What a horrendous thought!!!

Market is still in rally mode, which is being interrupted by a minor correction

Correction underway. “Should” end small step 2 up If anything major was taking place, market would break channel of large step 4 up (cyan)

Read About My Wave Counting & Its Evolution

Close up of current step 3 up

Wave structure since election night Notice daily +-DMI are close to oversold & due for a correction

White step 3 in cyan 4 Read how I count steps or you’ll never quite understand what I’m doing

Wave count since 2009. Steps are coming fast & well defined in large step 4 (cyan). What happens after white 3 in cyan 4?? Sub-stepping???

LONG TERM = LARGE STEP UP #4 SINCE 2009 SHORT TERM = RALLY Wave Counting Market Comments

Russell 2000 up 15 consecutive days & NASDAQ AD line. These extremes occur near long up moves, also short term tops. ……

Highest percentage of new highs since Oct 2013

Trump’s first 100 days. OK by me, first EXISTING trade pact he kills, that’s a good short cuz (global???) trade war could be the result

Potential gold-import ban by India could be biggest bombshell since Nixon India has a BIG TIME affinity for gold

Correct for a bit and then surge on into step 3 followed by the first meaningful correction since the election

Tom DeMark now sees 5%-6% retreat for stock market in wake of Trump rally He earlier predicted a decline double that amount.

Market zig zags & never travels in straight line for more than a day or two. Get mentally used to the zig zag and you’ll be in right mindset

Too bad if you NEED to be led by hand everyday, like WHY market went up/down today. Trading should have a longer horizon than 1 or 2 days

New highs in adv-dec line for small, mid and SP1500, but just shy for the sp500

White Nationalist Alt-Righter Claims ‘Hail Trump’ Comments Were ‘Ironic’ It thought “Moronic” was more appropriate


Trump Demands ‘Hamilton’ Cast Apologize After Pence Gets Booed Gotta have thicker skin if you’re President. Comedians love to bash politics

Marilyn’s ‘Happy Birthday, Mr. President’ Dress Sells for $4.8M It looked better from the front…

‘It is a totally one-sided, biased show’: Trump slams ‘SNL’ on Twitter Of course it is and that can make the show ridiculously funny.

Mike Pence: I wasn’t offended by booing at ‘Hamilton’ This guy has got it all together, whether you like Trump or not.

Wonder if that’s true???…

Melania And Barron Trump To Stay In New York, Won’t Move To White House With Donald…

Full Analysis of #S&P500 using $USDJPY Overlays &  Count ???? by @FXTradersEDGE_ >> $SPX $SPY

Jesse Livermore’s 10 Key Principles that made him a Legend:…

Carl Swenlin: There Are Bear Markets Out There → via @AlertTrade

“There are no jobs out there!”

Charts say a LOT about the stock market, when someone doesn’t publish a chart, it’s just their personal comment. Ditto for me too.

Precious Metals Testing Broken Post-2011 Down Trendline (linear scale) $DBP

Japan’s Nikkei 225 Breaking Post-2015 Down Trendline $EWJ $DXJ

Value Line Geometric Composite Testing Broken Post-February Up Trendline $XLG $XVG

VIX Breaking Post-August Up Trendline ~13.25 (log scale) $VIX $XIV

iShares Mexico ETF $EWW Breaking Post-1998 Up Trendline (log scale)

VC bubble pops: volume of venture capital deals no longer tracks the Nasdaq

LONG TERM = IN LARGE STEP RALLY #4 SINCE 2009 SHORT TERM = RALLY MY Comments At This Link Other Market


Not unusual to have a correction after giving a Dow Theory signal

I’m on board, my kid is smarter than I am, so be it…

The Euro is on the verge of dropping 10 STRAIGHT days. It’s been years since that last happened:… $EURUSD $UUP

China Warns It Is Ready To Slow Yuan Plunge On Capital Outflow Fears…

A lot of good economic data this week.…

With the gaudiness you can make your guests sick and you’ll have them right where you want them…

An $11 trillion commercial real estate bubble is ready to rock the economy…

The market cap weighted index isn’t quite there yet, but the S&P 500 equalweight index hit an all-time high today.

I like this comparison, need to check it more often, it’s on page 2 of my StockCharts…

China’s wholesale deflation is over – via

Broad Wilshire 5000 Stock Index on pace to print new weekly closing high… …and above box that dates back to 2013.

I’m taking my computer and an extension cord…

Almost 200 years old, needs a new renovation 😉…

9-Day VIX ($VXST) went sub-9 again (w/ yest, 3rd time ever).

ChOTD-11/17/16 Near-Term Stock Volatility Expectations Hit Record Lows $VXST $SPY

60 minute DMI is not going to tell us anything either

Daily DMI is quiet with no message

Price projections, take your pick or none, 1st one looks good with verified resistance & support levels

The SPX (actual SP500 index) is at the top of the envelope so a correction or slower going is likely required

Same chart as prior post with a longer term view

5 day moving average

No more correction except NASDAQ was weak cuz of FAANG stocks SP500 DJIA Small Caps (still going) NASDAQ

From Dana Lyons Well that doesn’t have a pleasant history and the record is consistent

Think the market is probably waiting to see how successful Trump’s cabinet is going to turn out. War in the transition team is not good

WalMart is keeping the DJIA in handcuffs today 1st chart = SP500 futures 2nd chart = DJIA

The Russell small cap rocket is slowing down with higher lows and tiny lower highs

New trend line to watch

If market can’t get out of its hole by close, we’ll likely have lost thought of buying stampede – too bad, it was nice to entertain the idea

LONG TERM = LARGE STEP RALLY #4 SINCE 2009 hitting new highs SHORT TERM = RALLY – no mo correction??…

Market rises again, likely would mean we are in a buying stampede, which usually lasts around 25 days. Correction was 2.5 days long, normal

@Stock_Trend_Chg Too much LDS, shoulda said, “I’m gettin’ down too” So old can’t remember the phrase LDS courtesy of Spock in Star Trek 4

Partial McCain statement on Trump’s talk with Putin

We could be at the beginning of the next leg up in this secular bull market.

True for me too. News confuses the hell outa me & what the market is going to do, Trump rally is a good example. Who woulda thought????…

Nixon 1st republican Prez to forget bout deficit. Tradition has been carried on since then. When I was young, republicans cared bout deficit…

Far out & righteous dude I can grow 6 plants in back yard instead of under lights in the house. Elec bill going down & I’m going down too…

Jeff Saut received an email before the Wed opening.

@Ihavexmradio Look at those eyes

Silver Bracelets is one of the names we called her…

And now resistance wants to become fuzzy support

Hesitating at a prior high

White House as QVC. It has started.

@tkinder I would agree with that, it was designed to prevent voter fraud of any type. Period Constitution was written votes were often bot

@tkinder The Federalist Papers : No.…

@tkinder Electoral college meant to eliminate STATE voter fraud, that hasn’t been problem yet. Younger was against college, older now for it

Faster economy means higher interest rates What if China selling lotsa US paper is another cause for raised interest rates China reprisal???

Greater strength in high lows in small cap & mid cap vs. SP500

What I can’t wait for? Trump’s trade war with China. Who buy’s & owns a boatload of our debt, China. They got us & Trump doesn’t realize it


Like Trump’s idea to rebuild infrastructure as it’s crumbling EVERYWHERE, bridges, poor maintenance on interstate Hwy, city pipelines, etc

Bank Stock Run Continues As Bond Yields Fly Increasing rates are good for the banks bottom line

Mid caps tearing up the charts today too

One of Trump’s major economic polices could lead to a ‘global recession’ Since the Senate must OK trade deals, wouldn’t they have a say too

Triangle in the NASDAQ, if the weakness continues in the FAANG stocks, it should break down, but a recovery in FAANG means a break upward

The upper trend line acted like the Tue night crash never took place. The crash didn’t take place in the actual SP500 average (2nd chart)

NASDAQ underperforming today as Face Book is down 2.5%, The FAANG stocks are not doing well recently while small caps going crazy, hmmmm???

Terrific strength in smaller caps as Russell 2000 (RUT) hit an all time intra day high today (as did DJIA), minor correction so far

SP500 stopped at a projection level on Thurs and has been in a sideways correction since then.

@focus1234567 Tom Demark has good record but he has made correction forecasts before and nothing happened I’m just looking for a breather

@focus1234567 sharp uptrend is more of decline in treasuries than junk, which means higher rates and the FED still gonna raise rates????

LONG TERM = LARGE STEP RALLY #4 SINCE 2009 hitting new highs SHORT TERM = RALLY – Take a breather…

Trump rally to be followed by 11% stock-market tumble, forecasts Tom DeMark???

Mike Burk The NYSE new low list is populated, almost exclusively with fixed income issues ……

3 peaks and it’s time to have a correction breather

60 Min SPX envelope hit upside & lost MO Day SPX hit upside envelope yesterday & lost MO also Correct for 2-3 days, go again by Wed

Wasn’t this a great chart for revealing the turn around point during the Tues night crash

LONG TERM = LARGE STEP RALLY #4 SINCE 2009 hitting new highs SHORT TERM = RALLY – Trump moderating his views…

Russell small caps are near new high, but SP 600 small caps are at a new high today with a STRONG rally underway for 4 of the last 5 days

Small Caps are near a new high too. Good sign that the small cap and micro caps are showing good strength

Today saw new all-time highs in the Dow Jones Industrials & the Russell Micro Caps. Micro Caps are the 1st index I watch to verify the DJIA


Jeff Saut defines a buying stampede as a streak of up days with only one to two-and-a-half day pauses or pullbacks before extending higher.

First time since 1928 that the republicans controlled both houses of Congress and the Presidency

LONG TERM = LARGE STEP RALLY #4 SINCE 2009 needs new highs all indexes SHORT TERM = RALLY – Trump moderating views…

Yields for US government bonds have hit their highest levels since January as investors take on RISK instead of safe-haven trades like bonds

All of the FAANG stocks are down significantly today. Tech sector is under attack with the NASDAQ down 50 points & DJI up 262, rotation???

New all-time high for the Dow Jones Industrials. None of the other averages have confirmed that yet.

 NO CHANCE Someone is making up a story that doesn’t exist, or only exists with a couple college kids & Silicon Valley malcontents


Another higher put/call ratio buy signal. This is the highest this indicator has been in buy mode in many many years.

All of the FANG stocks were down today. What’s with that???

Will Trump’s spending reawaken inflation, just when it seemed like nothing was going to wake it up.

Here is a look at the 3 soldiers marching upward over the last 3 days. Bullish candlestick signal. Look at last time it happened, late June

This is what happened and propelled Trump to the…

Trump’s win has Mexico’s markets in chaos

DJIA is just a few points from closing at an all time high!!!!! More fuel for the Dow Theory buy signal

Which wave count is correct? Chart 1 shows we are finished on downside and chart 2 shows a probable retest of the bottom for step 3

I’m just a stupid city guy that doesn’t know anything compared to rural people. It’s shocking when you see & understand the cultrural divide

While traveling, I’ve found very different attitudes in back country. Snapped at more than once for being stupid & saying something stupid.

Republicans have White House & Congress, profound policy changes are coming, Obamacare, Immigration, Financial reform, Trade, Supreme Court

The Trump effect on CAT, I mentioned this one several months ago. Trump wants infrastructure improvements & that means CAT

What happens next 2-3 days is important. At the moment it appears stock market is ignoring Trump’s effect until it’s visible, not rhetoric

LONG TERM = LARGE STEP RALLY #4 SINCE 2009 needs new highs SHORT TERM = Guess Trump hasn’t screwed up my prediction…

Who would have thought we were going to form the 3rd soldier in the candlesticks. 1st chart is SPX and 2nd is ES futures showing last night

@wekim77 Filled that sucker in a major manner and we have 3 soldiers forming after today. Who would have thought that was likely??

The odds of a FED rate hike are falling If the market goes into freefall, what would the FED do???

NASDAQ 100 down almost 300 points from today’s peak to the low. That’s a big plunge. We’ve had limit down on both ES and NO futures

Tomorrow AM QE infinity begins…

I forgot to post a VIX chart

If we take out the June lows, it may portend big things like a bear market????? Hope not, but things happen.

Trump Love him or hate him, he’s my President & I will support him, no grumping & growling allowed, be one with the country unless he fails

A little perspective of what happened tonight, daily chart SP500 futures

Tomorrow when futures are played by the big boys, will a 1000 point Dow dump turn even bigger?? What happens next 2-3 days is very important

LONG TERM = LARGE STEP RALLY #4 SINCE 2009 needs new highs 4 verify SHORT TERM = Trump, WTF screwed up my prediction…

Brexit was 2 days down for our market & then rallied back Our version Brexit might not recover quick, but might want to give Trump a chance?

The sky did fall SP500 down 122 pts peak to low DJIA down peak to low almost 1000 pts How many contracts was I short . . . duhhh . . . none

Dow Industrial futures down from today’s peak to low is about 900 points.

On the night of Brexit, our market fell about 100 SP500 points, Tonight peak to low has been 88 points

You do know that ALL BETS ARE OFF, if Trump wins, stock market has not factored a Trump win 60 SP500 points from peak to low for tonight

The sky is falling, The sky is falling, The sky is falling,

Heart attacks in the ES futures (SP500), Trump shows too much strength and down the futures go, kinda funny

VOLATILITY with a capital “V” ES futures are slanted towards a Clinton win cuz when Trump was showing strength the futures declined

Trump is making waves in the stock market

This could be our version of the BREXIT vote?

@wekim77 ????? I don’t want it to be covered as I want it to represent a breakaway gap

Volatility increasing as some voter results are coming in, gonna need a bunch of hours before we know who’s the next President

SPX hit one of its last trend lines and reversed

Another projection chart

Price projection levels

Hitting a resistance level

Transports are surging ahead again today, excellent

Early impulse doesn’t yield immediately to 60 min DMI sell signal. Impulse has too much power at first, eventually we’ll correct, Thur???

2 min ES chart As mentioned, we did get a soft correction last night and then it took off again this morning

Daily SPX candlestick chart Last 2 bars are yesterday & today. Another solid green bar will be 3 soldiers, very bullish formation

Not quite a 90% day, volume was over 90% but adv dec was 80%, it was a good day regardless

Put/Call ratio has given a stronger buy signal, notice the daily readings (light grey) well above the upper envelope

We had a Dow Theory buy signal today (not a perfect signal) where the DJT surpassed their Nov 2015 peak, DJI made a new peak in Aug 2016

Election day & following day’s performance Stocks do better the following YEARS under a democrat President than a republican. Reason why????

Dow industrials just booked best rally before Election Day in 84 years

Taking another breather, probably 3 steps down (presently in 1st step) and resume advance sometime tomorrow

Closed on the high of the day

A longer term price projection

A short term price projection

What a day. How long until we hit new highs??? BTW the shorts are running madly to cover

We have greatest fracture amongst Americans since before the Vietnam war ended. Congress has to stop the gotcha politics & relieve the pain

Future depressing news would be republican controlled House want’s to impeach Clinton. People must demand STOP THE POLITICS & GET TO WORK

Gonna take a breather for now. Are we going to cover the gap? Best if it doesn’t cuz it becomes a breakaway gap???

LONG TERM = LARGE STEP RALLY #4 SINCE 2009 needs new highs 4 verify SHORT TERM = Bottom is in the rearview mirror…

Posted this chart (transports) last week and it has broken out nicely to the upside. Transports have been a drag on the market for some time

No surprise here that we have a market rally cuz I knew we were near last week. The size of the day’s rally is breathtaking though

Didja watch 60 Minutes, second story on “The National Mood” was interesting, pollster was blown away at the anger…

Here’s what the betting markets say a day before the election:

Didn’t realize a Raider’s win would be this bullish for stocks.

I remember that rally.…

The SPX DMI buy signal has moved away from its extreme, daily DMI buy or sell signals are longer lasting

Kinda meaningless that the 60 min DMI has a sell signal going at the moment, these take place at impulse moves

The market has been crawling up the top edge of the 60 min envelope

FBI makes their announcement regarding Clinton’s emails and the stock market took off. We have a trend-day, rallying higher all day

Index futures rallied at open on Sun as bullish sentiment returned to Wall Street following largest streak of losses on S&P 500 since 1980.

Sunday night DJIA is up 200 SPX is up 25 NASDAQ is up 68

LONG TERM = LARGE STEP RALLY #4 SINCE 2009 has some doubt SHORT TERM = Bottom is here…

Gonna stay away from the bottom and rally for awhile

@wekim77 I’m unsure about that & need to look at some of Terry’s charts. I have his stuff from the 1970s, 1990s when he called it “Magic T”

Libertarian nominee Says: Clinton presidency ‘may well end up in impeachment’ Thinking that, depends if House wants to work or play GOTCHA

Homeless Bob is dead on again. He’s my hero…

She is SO GOOD and is one of the top traders…

UPDATE>>$FB Wedge Broken? (Sep. 23 Post: The Wedge That’s Driving Facebook’s Stock…

DJ Waste & Disposal Services Chart Looking More & More Like Garbage

The “Sky is falling”, the “Sky is falling”…

Emotional indicators are most ominous at the market reversals…

Put buying is highest at the bottom…

 crude  drops to lowest since early August; oversold, stretching 14-day RSI below 30 @Reuters

@wekim77 Like the shorter term chart??? Had you noticed the mega T brewing??

Put/Call ratio has moved above the top of the envelope, which is a stronger buy signal

Have you noticed the DJ Transports recently? It’s a different story. They are ready to crack overhead resistance while DJI is declining

Trend line alert, but we’ve been breaking them consistently

Staying in the channel since 10/25

Stock Market Indecision Clinton elected, impeachment in republican controlled House?? Trump elected, market perceives him as unpredictable??

Bearish attitudes can occur with LOTS of slow declines or a fast large decline (waterfall). We’ve got the lotsa slow declines presently

Lower edge of envelope is penetrated, red & green DMI in the buy zone 9 days of consecutive losses, hasn’t happened since 1980

Red step 3 down isn’t finished, it has 3 bottoms in the same area. This may be a setup for a step 4 and 5. No much good going on B4 election

Barn find big block Chevelle…

If we don’t get an extension, step 3 “could” be finished and a rally could be on its way

Normal Put/Call ratio spiked upward couple days ago and now moving average of the ratio has moved into a buy zone

Call/Put ratio (unconventional method) is low on calls telling us that everyone is following the market down without much thought of a rally

S&P 500’s 8-day losing streak is longest since October 2008 Neat historical chart, one to keep for reference

Sometimes declines end in a waterfall, followed by bottom retest, very scary holding stocks, waterfalls don’t take much time but do damage

Two projection levels, take your pick, they both seem to have some validity

We’re going to rally somewhere around here before too long, wouldn’t be surprised to see a test of the bottom later

DMI and bottom of envelope are growing more pronounced for SPX

Simplified wave count since 10/25, using channel concept to track steps down Other wave count was getting complicated to track and visualize

Yesterday’s showing of overbought/oversold indicators have moved in definite oversold What are you going to buy for the rally??

DMI buy signal and bottom of envelope too, Gotta a chance of rally soon


We have a daily DMI buy signal today. Daily DMI buy signals are longer lasting than 60 min DMI. Last daily buy signal occurred in Jan 2016

We could sure use a rally tomorrow

Can you believe it, after I had a heart attack in the 10th inning, the Cubs won the World Series, the jinx is finally over

Clevelands gotta score 2+ in the 10th, come on Cubs, 108 years is enough of a drought

Update on 2 min chart Last step down is either a 4 or a 3??? If a 3 then it was interrupted with a 3 step up around 11:30 to 12:30 on chart

Short term (2 min) Lotsa mistakes take place in such a tiny time frame, the bigger the time frame, easier it is to count except subdivisions

Possible wave count since a recent peak of Aug 25, trend lines & count FED NON-rate announcement at 2 PM today, 75 minutes from now

Nikkei 225 is down about 2% tonight, Hong Kong down 1.5%, China is down minimally

Short & longer term oversold/overbought indicators, they’re oversold, could easily go lower. Count say’s we could be done, but extensions???

Putting the McClellan oscillator in perspective, definitely oversold, but not deeply oversold.

Updating the small movements wave count (2 min chart). Last white 2 down might be part of a bigger step down. Find out later what’s up.

Wave count up to the present

Wave count for today

Red 3 up, which was followed by a resumption of the Aug peak’s decline

We did get the red 3 that I was looking for yesterday, which was part of this weak rally…

Possible daily wave count dating from August peak. Both wave counts might have validity with double bottom of some sort making up final move

NASDAQ 100 shows a possible trend line resistance level

Still in the last gasp of possible resistance level for SPX

Another projection level chart shows we could form a resistance at 2092 (low of day)

ES Dec next projection level is 2084, which isn’t too far below

It’s obviously a down TREND DAY, nonstop downward move

Market is pushing right through projection levels as if they don’t exist SPX broke right through 2100 ……

Enough with envelopes and DMI, gotta move on now with the count next

DMI and envelope on same chart using SPX close enough to call it a buy signal on both, but might play with a secondary bottom later

NUTS Used ES DMI chart & should only use SPX index for DMI, consequently had previously missed that we have a daily DMI BUY signal presently

More decline before daily buy signal of DMI (formerly called ADX), contact with lower daily envelope could be simulatneous with DMI signal??

ES crushed lower level envelope on this decline. 60 min buy signal in effect, BUT large breaks expect more envelope testing (chart 2 10/11)

Next price projection level after the present level is 2092 to 2082…

Prior tweet chart with different color levels that stand out better

Good news is that we are at a price projection level and market may hold in this area Bad news is broke 2120 & thinking about breaking 2100

Oct 2016 – 306 TWEETS

We gotta watch for a significant penetration of this resistance level. Jeff Saut thinks if we break this level, there will be lotsa downside

Price projection targets have worked fairly well so far.

Seems to me he violated the Hatch act…

More resistance lines

Resistance line that might hold, we’ll see

Don’t forget this is FED week. Traditionally FED doesn’t like to change rates close to an election, but they sure caught hell last month???

Mico Caps have been sliding down the bottom of the envelope

Be glad when election over??? Regardless of who wins, likely to be lotsa hate spewed afterwards. “Can’t we all just get along” – Rodney King

Wave count up to the minute Looks like white 3 down will end without any serious damage, WEAK uptrend in effect

The VIX’s pre-election peak could be today 🔓 via@WSJMoneyBeatt

“China’s Debt Has Grown $4.5 Trillion In Past 12 Months, More Than The US, Japan And Europe Combined”…

Carl Swenlin When Summation Index falls below the zero line, there is a strong possibility that serious price deterioration lies just ahead

What the count looks like We should be in rally mode unless we are in extension for waves 4 & 5 I’m gonna say rally mode

No message here

Where late June 2015 was the peak in the market???

Mike Burk Seasonality for the coming week has been very strong ……

This is the reality of trading

Last plunge of the day was caused by the FBI and the Clinton emails

Billionaire investor Steve Schwarzman had the perfect explanation for middle-class anger

I say we have 60 minute ADX buy signal, should properly say we have a + – DMI buy signal. Want to make the distinction now cuz be using both

Excessive ADX readings (up or down) mean that there will be another new high/low (same direction as first reading) following excessive ADX

Another ADX 60 min buy signal took place a short while ago I traded the prior buy signal at 1 AM PDT my time last night

Got 60 minute buy signal by touching lower envelope, rallied to mid-section (white dots) & declines again, probably stopping at green dashs

Volatility in abundance Makes me wonder if red 3 isn’t finished. We have to wait & see if we get a lower low that makes red steps into a 5

Yesterday’s triangle was resolved to the downside (obviously)

Rising cyan trend line is kaput, but purple declining trend line is valid, daily envelope bottom edge is a limiting factor & a buy point

You must be too young to make that statement. I was 33 during Watergate impeachment process & remember how the hearings PARALYZED country.…

JUST IN: FBI Director informs Congress Hillary Clinton email investigation is back on.

The FBI just endorsed Trump

Impeachment begins in House & if republicans retain control, it will be up to Ryan to start impeachment, he seems like a reasonable guy???

FBI restarting probe into Hillary Clinton’s emails Does everyone see “potential” for impeachment proceedings against Clinton if she wins???

That should be the end of the decline that began on 10/27 ending today 10/28

Red step 3 is probably under way now. Finish it and then rally later today??

Rally we are doing today after a bottom on the edge of the envelope…

It just keeps on giving FBI to Re-Open Investigation Into Hillary Clinton’s Email Server

Ready for a rally, but will it be a dud if GDP numbers are low when released at 8:30 EDT on Fri. We’ll see, but a rally is possible tonight

60 min buy signal penetrating lower envelope. The RSI is very low & normally has a rally from this low level. The ADX has a buy signal also

Higher high breaks very short term trend

If we did as the prior tweet said, we could have a decent day on Fri as forecast by seasonality. Everybody’s happy, bears & bulls

We might have a higher low in white 3 down than the white step 2 bottom. Just a thought, not an engraved in stone type thing

We could possibly finish the white 3rd step down in red step 2 tonight and then go for a higher low tomorrow morning & then have a rally

Friday, Oct 28 is supposed to be a positive day in the market according to seasonality

Friday marks the beginning of the best five sessions of the year, historically.

Bill Clinton Inc Both candidates potholes get bigger and bigger

larger triangle in SPX

Another step down completed and now we rally for awhile, until step 3 gets underway

Some Donald Trump Voters Warn of Revolution if Hillary Clinton…

Counting today’s steps, shows more steps to go before it’s done

But it didn’t accelerate to the downside, we’ll see how the later trading handles this breakout

But I don’t expect the bottom to hold, but I was wrong once lotsa years ago…

Lotsa bottom fishing going on right now. For a double bottom, will dip below prior low and clean out the automatic stops and then rally.

LONG TERM = LARGE STEP RALLY #4 SINCE 2009 IS IN DOUBT SHORT TERM = Negative unless we can bottom soon…

As the market “toys” with today’s earlier low. After it breaks it usually accelerates

3 black crows after today Three black crows is a bearish candlestick pattern that is used to predict the reversal of the current uptrend.

I command thee to STOP

Impeachment of Nixon started with 1972 break-in creating the 1973-1974 bear market, which lost 50%. I don’t want to see that repeat

I might grow apathetic about politics, but Wall St is not apathetic & HATES UNCERTAINTY

My daughter is passionate about politics like I used to be, but now I’m old, seen too much & the rotten smell bothers me & I grow apathetic…

Triangle forming, watch what direction it breaks, but it could go past the election before a breakout Isn’t that convenient??

2 trend lines, purple down, cyan up Thought cyan up was going to break today after an impulse down, but it’s still active, we’ll see

1st impulse step & beginning of 2nd impulse step may have begun. Hopefully it will be a higher low & not an impulse

Hacked Memo Reinforces Worst Perception of the Clintons This email has been confirmed

Dow, S&P Slump Into Red As USD Jumps On Cable Dump…

The best news I’ve seen today???…

Domestic equity mutual funds saw another $16.3 billion of outflows last wk. Most since $21.2 billion in early Aug ’11. (Oct ’08 before that)

Like digging a hole to hide from Trump and Hillary.…

Amazing, but up to 34 straight weeks of domestic mutual fund outflows. Previous record was 25 straight to end 2010.

If we have a 3rd impeachment, it would prove America is broken and might take a long time to fix. Market HATES uncertainty!!!!

Impeachment for crimes committed before taking office is viable. I’ve seen 2 Presidents go thru impeachment, I can’t watch a 3rd one!!

Market’s problems are likely related to President Hillary. Republicans controlling the House, impeachment of Clinton is possible. Jeez!!

Forget bottoming, it looks like downside impulse may be taking place. Holding the 2120 area for SPX is vital or the loss could be large.

It looks like there is some bottoming action taking place tonight. Hopefully it won’t fail & we can break out of this decline. ES Dec chart

Love Him Or Hate Him: Trump Is The Revolution Against The Establishment……

Interesting comment…

investors pulled $16.9 billion from stock mutual funds in 7 days through Oct. 19, more than in any week since…

Election violence? Is this the USA, or a 3rd world country??? DEMAND MORE from your Senator & Congressman, instead of shooting off guns

Trump supporters held up Clinton “target practice” posters at a rally in Florida Monday, with a bulls-eye framing her face.

Feds Concerned About Risk of Violence as Election Day Nears

So far negative seasonality hasn’t eased off in last week of Oct. We might not have relief until a week after election when all is calm

60 minute ES Dec chart, prices have crawled down the lower envelope and begun a bounce upward.

“5 apps that automate your money and make you richer” WOW! I never knew that I had the answer to all my financial problems on my iPhone

I had lost lotsa money due to contract leverage by early Oct. It was a severe blow & I took a couple years off to mend my mind & my trading…

BEWARE We have to wait and see, but the market could be cruising for a designated change in direction if enough things go wrong this week.

After 3 steps up, the following correction must be greater than the prior corrections in the present rally.

How I accidentally sat out the Oct 19, 1987 crash.

Not often we have a step that flows counter to direction the market is moving. When this happens it can screw up your perceived wave count

Should have more rally B4 step 3 down begins. Aways possibility that 2nd down could subdivide into 5 steps. Lower lows should tell the story

I’m thinking about calling the small decline & rally that ended earlier today @ ES 2150 as step 1 down and today’s decline as step 2 down

A couple of trend lines to watch

Didja know that govt tested 100 A-Bombs near Las Vegas (65 miles) during 1950s. LV hotels promoted tests for tourism…

Punctuation is important: “How We Fight with @BretBaier” (why are we fighting with Bret?)…

Is market worried about fractured country after election. Heard incredible venom spew forth about Obama & Clinton from republican friends

Bad news about today’s decline, we are correcting a completed 3 step rally. The current step decline appears to be complete

If we have a reversal on that last step (kinda early to tell), that looks like 5 steps down and should be good for now.

We’re trading on the lower edge of the envelope, which limits further downside action for now.

Did you ever see Las Vegas during the 1950s???

ES contract gotta get above 2149, making higher high to keep uptrend in progress. Hopefully it will make it tonight, or tomorrow day trades

 Who wants French Fries?🍟

Jeff Saut says:

That’s walking around money It constantly blows my mind when I find out how bad the average person’s finances have become.…

Obama inherited a huge deficit problem from Bush cuz of the 2007-2009 economic crash. Deficit has gotten better, but huge is still huge…

“Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.” – Warren Buffett

Been a loud mouth my entire life and I still am, but when peoples voices turn way down, they have moved into the fragile part of life.…

while +100  & gas companies have declared bankruptcy, no effect on production…

Things don’t work the way they used to, we’re broken…

My past family has been horse thieves, whores, con men, murderers, & politicians, 70% of them have been hung or killed in gun/knife fights…

ChOTD-10/24/16 DJ Toys Index: Only Industry At New Highs…But Getting Extended? $MAT $HAS

Ralph Nader (remember him) “If you always vote for the lesser of two evils, you will always have evil, and you will always have less.”

#3 – bear market Optional bear market count is NOT likely to happen. But I have seen strange things like this happen in the past so . . .

#2 – bear market I ignore the new highs & count the rally as a correction following steps 1 & 2 down to be followed by a complex 3 step down

#1 Long term this is large step 4 since the March 2009 bottom. If we went into a deep bear market from here, how would I count the steps?

The Breadth of the Markets – the NYAD – possible last gasp up – Tops take a lot longer than bottoms. This is the real market. Possible sell

.@EuroBriefing : “hard  would hurt Britain, it could also knock the eurozone back into crisis.It would be a pointless double suicide”

Average returns for coming week have been negative by all measures & worse during 4th year of Presidential Cycle ……

Facebook Employees Pushed to Remove Trump’s Posts as Hate Speech BAD IDEA – public has right to hear everything Presidential candidates say

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival – Fighting RPG by Scopely

“We’re going to build a firewall. A huge, beautiful firewall and the hackers are gonna pay for it.” 

LONG TERM = LARGE STEP RALLY #4 SINCE 2009 SHORT TERM = Negative seasonality “should” begin to taper off…

$SPX February low and the Brexit low lands on election day.

It happens all the time…

Ned Davis stock market seasonality

Govt spending dollars producing GDP return dollars Declining GDP return per dollar of spending has been declining for a long time

2007 Equal weight SP500 shows a different story than the regular SP500

2007 Junk seniment and a MACD favorite of John Murphy. All of these can be found on my public StockCharts

Jobs chart showing peak in May 2006 and falling off a cliff beginning Oct 2007. Another indicator from my StockCharts public charts

Another indicator showing the false peak in Oct 2007. Many have seen this on my StockCharts page and didn’t understand its importance.

Cumulative up down volume for 2007 false peak in Oct

Steps and megaphone formation from 3 step bear market, late 1965 to Oct 1974

A couple of people liked my historical charts, so I’ll post some more. I’ll be posting more in the next few hours/minutes???

Earlier I had discovered the meaning of life (God told me), but with Twitter down so long, I can’t remember what he said. I’m old.

Damn Russians, I’ve been locked out of Twitter all day.

Market prices from 1500 to the present

I was a kid I used to see plank road whenever we took a trip east. Pieces left now have a fence around it to keep people out. Damn tourists

Old plank road running between San Diego & Yuma. People have stolen so many of the planks there isn’t anything left buried under the sand

Did you ever see Las Vegas during the 1950s???

Inflation is rough to keep up with

I don’t believe it either

Took 1st picture with long lens & thought I took picture of bison laying down. Later expanding picture, realizd that it was grizzly & cubs

A Chip Foose car that he designed

Watching trend lines on 2 charts below. I suppose another step down could be coming, but things look complete unless an extension is ahead

Broke the small triangle to the downside. We have lower lows now on a minor basis.

A small triangle formed today, upon it’s break we’ll see if its valid. This is a 2 minute ES Dec contract chart.

Notice the resistance level. Need to break through this level on the upside

10 minute ES Dec Contract showing a 3 step down beginning late last night and ending this morn. Now we wait for higher highs or lower lows

Top of envelope yesterday to bottom of envelope today. Almost 60 minute buy signal, green is below green line, red is not above red line

The FCC changed the rules years ago just so corporations could have a media monopoly…

I don’t know why CNN takes so long for their poll results. Wasn’t it already decided before the 

Higher highs tonight

Trump won’t commit to accepting election results WHAT????

Tweets about FNN today made me think back to the 1980s, where I was lucky to receive FNN TV network. #1 Commentary #2 1982 Dow Jones figures

Sue Herera and Bill Griffeth were co-hosts on FNN until FNN was merged with CNBC in 1991

Video Oct 1987 crash. FNN was an LA station. Look at the young Bill Griffeth (now on CNBC)……

The recent downside wave count. If correct should have a decent rally until we say: Oh no, Trump is President or Oh no, Clinton is President

Remembering crash of 1987 (back Monday) with market down 22% in one day. Article links are near end of page.

@SuperDaveTrades I wouldn’t say no to that & reverse could be true too. Election has some slippery repercussions that might take place???

@wekim77 Posted a chart, that doesn’t really answer your question, but it’s the best I’ve got for the moment. Maybe down after election??

This is a possible count to the upside and a 5 count on the recent wave to the downside Definite possibility that downtrend 3 isn’t finished

Oct – May have bottomed early & begun slow rally into Nov How far rally goes is questionable, but I can’t join the big bear camp . . . yet

Oct seasonality, Presidential election year is black, all years is red. This shows a bottom late in the 3rd week and then rallies into Nov

Small converging triangle with breakout today, chart 1 shows measurement, chart 2 shows the move ending near Aug peak & overhead congestion?

WHY??? Is this another birther comment??…

Good idea, maybe representatives would pay attention 2 our problems & wouldn’t spend every waking moment raising money for their re-election…

Falling and hitting your head while on Coumadin is a big deal, like forming a clot on your brain, but worse a fatal hemoragic stroke

And half of 65+ shouldn’t be driving. Old people driving cars scares the crap outta me. It’s their indecisiveness that’s scary.…

Bookmakers were humiliated back in the run-up to the Brexit referendum on leaving the EU. Odds overwhelmingly favored a “remain” vote.…

Surface tablet just doesn’t cut it…

Interesting chart RHI is an employee staffing & outsourcing services company located near Silicon Valley…

SP500 adv dec line made small lower low recently, I don’t think this is a big thing at this time, unless we don’t get a more extended rally

Jeff Saut said 4-6 months, but looking back, I would say 2-3 months isn’t out of line.…

History Made: Kevin Fiscus Shatters 5-Second Barrier On Drag…

Close to a daily ADX buy signal

Soon doesn’t necessarily mean tomorrow. It just means tomorrow to a few days from now.

We’re in oversold territory and are due for a bounce soon.

1st chart = SP500 advance decline line 2nd chart = NASDAQ net new highs 3rd chart = NYSE net new highs

UH OH Concerned Trump won’t recognize election results cuz it’s “rigged”. “Might” trigger violence like 1896

If wide spread violence breaks out after a Clinton victory, it won’t be good for the stock market. Minor violence will have a minor effect

Trump’s “Rigged” election claims are unnerving me cuz I know there are some folks that will resort to violence if Clinton is elected

Psychologists call it “Election Stress Disorder” Yup, the election has driven me cuckoo, I’m older & suffering worse than younger people.

Major bear markets are preceded by contraction in Advance-Decline Line lasting for a period of at least 4 to 6 months before S&P 500 high.

Assets in bearish mutual funds just dropped to the lowest level since the onset of the August 2015 market rout.

LONG TERM = 4TH LARGE STEP RALLY SINCE 2009 SHORT TERM = Negative seasonality “should” begin to taper off…

Too many bears presently for a meaningful decline, but the market is uneasy about a Trump Presidency. Many unknown factors in that instance

Cumulative high-low Last 2 years 1981 to present Price needs to rally SOON like it did in Oct 2012, or it becomes a downtrend TOO MANY BEARS

Vote no on yes

This is what the seasonalty chart shows after the Oct low near mid-month

Fed’s Yellen sees benefits in letting inflation exceed central bank’s 2% target Devalue the debt, cuz this is the typical way USA does it

YUP It’s Official: This Election Is Driving Americans Nuts And it’s the oldest among us who are suffering the most.

ADX daily is close to giving a buy signal, red line should move higher, green line is already in buy territory

Daily chart bouncing off a red trend line. Needs to make a higher high and break the purple down trend line.

Earlier the market was banging against the 60 minute upper envelope. It looks like 2nd step & should have another attempt at the upper line


Dr. Van K. Tharp in “Market Wizards”: “When people approach the markets, they bring their personal problems with them”. Whoa, I like that

Wells Fargo CEO Stumpf walks away with $137.1 million He did a good job opening up so many new accounts. That must mean he did good.????

Putin isn’t tampering with our election for President. “Putin Ally Tells Americans: Vote Trump or Face Nuclear War”…

On 2nd look the market didn’t start down until after the market closed. Market has fallen -13.50 SP500 Dec contract points since the close.

Hopefully I will be able to do some number projections and see where the target low might be. Bringing my wife home from hospital tomorrow.

Just got home from the hospital and see it was another bad day on Wall St. It appears that we are in the 2n step down that began on Tues.

About ⅔ of the world indexes are declining today

@SJD10304 just make sure it doesn’t surprise you as it unfolds (possibly)???

@SJD10304 @Robohogs YES, all conjecture at this point.

@Robohogs @SJD10304 it’s only half finished, left shoulder & 50% of head are done. Needs a drop to neckline at 1800 to complete the head

Likely be off-line all day tomorrow cuz my wife is having surgery. It should be a non-event, but we’re old, stuff happens & I worry a lot

@wekim77 Some BIG winners along the way. NOBODY believed that the end was coming. Jan 2000 & I went totally quiet knowing the end was near

@wekim77 I count very crudely with just a StockCharts cycle spacer (trading days). I’ve always believed in fuzzy days at the end of a T

Interesting analysis, but he says it might not be valid. For some reason, I can’t duplicate the chart…

Sterling Surges After UK PM May Appears To Back Away From ‘Hard’ Brexit…

I can’t comment on this tweet cuz I’ll automatically become more than one of those on the list…

This is the most amazing Presidential race in a very very long time. 200 years ago, politics were brutal in the U.S.…

More Americans are falling behind on their car loan payments, S&P says

Those were the good old days, buy a dot com and make money . . . until March 2000…

Go behind the scenes tomorrow with @therealautoblog for an exclusive Facebook Live!

Traditional way is #2, or inflation, only we can’t get it started. Oh no, what will we do???…

Hey, this could be a head and shoulders formation under construction?…

Have perspective and you’ll have a better idea or when to buy or sell. This is one of the hardest ideas to accomplish in the stock market…

On the lighter side of the stock market

Somebody mentioned learning curve today. Here is what I think of the learning curve for stock market versus tech, medical or social work

I was a big follower of CAT if Trump had won the Presidency. He would have done a lot for infrastructure, a badly needed USA improvement…

10/4/00, Gore was up by 11 pts. Swung to 13-pt Bush lead on 10/26. Vote was a dead heat. Current polls matching pattern, parties reversed.

Wedges like this in the final step up are very bad. Only question is . . . was this the last step up??? I’ll let you know in another year.…

An extreme version of the present triangle. I view the triangle as beginning in Aug 2016 and short term in nature, but things happen . . .

Alcoa stock slammed by earnings ‘disaster’ as season gets off on the back foot 5 or 6 down quarters in succession for Alcoa

One bad day and it’s 1987 all over again, I don’t know if it’s true or not, but don’t fight the tape.…

Not that this will happen here, but this is a lesson in hyper-inflation 428 billion marks for loaf of bread – 1920s…

US Navy ship fires 3 missiles in defense after being targeted near…

‘Russia to the US: If you want a confrontation, ‘you’ll get one everywhere’ The peace dividend has apparently run out, more money 4 defense

London close to a new high

60 minute down envelope has been penetrated, so that means it’s over for now, or very soon it’ll be over

60 minute ADX buy signal, these are short term. Daily ADX buy +DMI has been signaled, but sell -DMI has not risen to oversold

Probably the end of the blood letting for now. Looks like 3 steps down as long as it doesn’t sub-step

Close to a 90% down day today

SPX bullish percent has been in a slow deterioration for the last month

Weekly Advance Decline line since 2006, peak occurred in June 2007, non confirmation in Oct 2007

Jeff Saut’s verbal comments today are railing against removing uptick rule & the change to penny quotes instead of ⅛ quotes. Harmful changes

I’ve read this letter & don’t understand the crime???? I was totally against removing the uptick rule in 2008, it was sheer stupidity!!!!…

Presently market looks like 2007 with peak in Jun 2015 & non-confirmation presently. A bit early to declare this as 2007.

1st chart – 2007 peak July 2007, non confirmation new high Oct 2007 2nd chart – today’s chart If market in trouble will look like 2007 chart

Sell Rosh Hashanah, Buy Yom…

Samsung will no longer make the burning phone. They’ll just fix the battery and put another model number on it and away they go.

Seasonally shows a possible bottom soon with subsequent strong rally. I’ve seen this many times in Oct although the declines can be whoppers

What if Wall St has wrung out all that’s possible from Obama years?? We’ll wait & see about that, but this certainly smells of a Clinton win

Wall Street realizes Clinton will win Presidency & it’s not all that enthused. Just 4 more years of Obama, which have been kind to Wall St

LONG TERM = 4TH STEP UP SINCE 2009 to all-time highs?? SHORT TERM = Negative seasonality has entered the picture…

I wonder if Trump realizes he is on a WORLD stage and his campaign will follow him for the rest of his life, and particularly business life.

Trump “It is so nice that the shackles have been taken off me and I can now fight for America the way I want to” I didn’t know they were on

Well, it is October after all.…

Didn’t take long after my triangle warning before it broke out to the downside…

Forming a triangle on the daily chart and very close to its apex.

23 world markets are down today, and 20 world markets are up today. Almost 50-50

Going 2 have 5th attempt down to 2134 ES Dec??? OR, did we finish decline, with 1 up & more 2 go. True direction by higher or lower figures

No doubt spraying pesticides, but this doesn’t look good when you think about eating veggies…

This is likely incomplete, but it has paid to be a buyer when CNBC pulls out its Markets In Turmoil.

Here’s a looksie at all double inside weeks in the S&P 500 over the past 20 years.

This has been one interesting & historic Presidential race. I knew it was going to be interesting with Trump in it, but . . . Damn.

The Tweets that I follow/read can be found on guy is homeless, but he follows mostly technical market tweets

CLASSIC Notice how the market took off on a sharp rally on the jobs report, peaked and crashed, rallied slower, then began the decline.

Hit the bottom edge of the 60 minute envelope, usually a hesitate or rally spot Kinda early for a rally spot Those Ts expiring are warnings

Be prepared for anything coming your way, friendly or a Brexit creature ……

Terry Laundry Ts expiring now or soon. Chart from Jeffrey

WSJ Brexit Turns Ugly for Pound, Gilts The pound is tumbling and U.K. government bond yields are rising. Political risk is arriving in style

CA Gov. Jerry Brown (D) signed a bill allowing felons in county jails to vote in CA elections. Maybe the felons are secret republicans

CA Assemblywoman Shirley Weber (D-San Diego) said allowing felons to vote would reduce likelihood of convicts committing new crimes. WTF????

Converging lines are afoot in different indexes. “Come along, Watson. … come! The game is afoot.”

DJ Industrials are hugging lower line. Friday jobs will likely be an ignition source for movement. Watch for trap, early move then reverse

@johnscharts Our prayers are with your son for a FULL recovery

My son begins chemo treatment tomorrow, so I will be less accessible. Thanks for everyone’s support! 

Noticed that I had made a mistake on the yellow wave count, missing 1 down thrust. Jobs “could” be an ignition source – up or down??

Not much change today in the chart, rebound off of sold red lower line Jobs report tomorrow

Same chart as before only with a red dashed line that is parallel to solid bottom line

Possible wave count. It’s also possible that we are having a 3 step rally with lower highs after step 4 down completed, breakouts determine

Market is DEFINITELY coiling into a triangle

@Mark3tTim3r Price is always number 1 with me.

@Mark3tTim3r It’s kinda everything in his weekly lessons. That was Terry’s specialty, measurement Ts. My own Ts are sometimes dead-on & NOT

@Mark3tTim3r PAGE 1 CHART 7 & CHART 8 And then anything in his reports regarding predictions, oscillators & his Ts

Slow putting up tweets cuz it’s not me falling apart this time, but my wife. Gettin’ old is a bitch. Whoever said “Golden Years” was lying.

Drew an approximate placement for a trendline parallel to upper line for possible support.

@Mark3tTim3r Terry’s Foundation is going to take over paying for my blog after I croak. Info will be preserved as the foundation continues

Possible wav count thru today. Maybe market is going to break lower red line? Red line “may” find resistance at parallel line to upper line

Wave count for the last 2 months

Ain’t them the best flames ever!!!

Guy live’s in cardboard box in an alley, but he only follows technicians that produce GOOD TWEETS – @bobswavecounts Follow us both

Got more than 3 white soldiers in a row (5 green candles at right) This occurred in numerous other indexes, so I consider it valid & bullish

Another wedge from the Russell small cap index

Looks like a valid wedge so far I’ve seen wedges turn into parallel uptrend lines, for now it’s a wedge

The 625 RWHP Mustang is the scariest car I’ve ever owned, prior to this one, the scariest was my 1968 Dodge Charger R/T

The content page of Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords for Nov 2012 showing the Screamin’ Demon

My car built by Terry Schroeder. Published in Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords in 11/2012. 10.8 ¼, front Ghost Flames

LONG TERM = 4TH STEP UP SINCE 2009 to all-time highs?? SHORT TERM = Doesn’t want to go down in negative seasonality…

Sep 2016 – 311 TWEETS

Cops Arrest Teen Driver For Going 146 MPH – In A 2004 Dodge…

I was about to leave my girlfriend because she is too controlling but she said no… so we are still together.

How do frogs die? They Kermit suicide.

when they read side effects in prescription drug commercials they should show the actors actually suffering from them instead of canoeing

There is that old minor high failure, we gotta get it next time or else, although we could have a small 3 step down B4 next attempt

Former Navy SEALs, Jocko Willink & Leif Babin talk about importance of waking up at 4:30 am every day. My heart doesn’t start until 8-9 am

Badass selfie in the retired SR-71, Blackbird (spy plane and FAST)

Wow, even God had a comment about Arnold Palmer…

Remember when the news was just the news, no editorializing And then 24 hour news started Walter Cronkite, the most trusted man in America…

Both parties screwed the pooch…

HEY it’s 100 degrees in southern CA and this has got to be Clinton’s fault

@wekim77 Very true, but market never accommodates a wide majority, little majority is iffy both ways, but big is no way. Look risk on chart

Just tossing it out there as a “what if”…

No wonder can’t get any work done. Heard from good friend & he says he is buried under emails. Not words heard but unnecessary interference…

1% of population are fabulously dressed…

Deutsche Bank: A Lehman moment — or not? 🔓 via@jmackin22

Just an ordinary day for Deutsche Bank stock holders.

Voter revolt – Democracy in action. luv it Makes BOTH parties wake up to the voter dissatisfaction. Amazing & history is being made in 2016

FDR was President when I was born, only remember Truman. This is the strangest weirdest election of my lifetime. Never witnessed vote revolt

Is market supported by the Clinton election expectations? If Trump is elected (gotta keep his foot outa his mouth) would market decline????

Gotta make higher highs than the late Aug all-time highs. Failure at highs is expected on 1st attempt. Buncha failures wouldn’t be good

It looks like we had a successful retest of the double bottom a few days ago. Looking for higher highs to authenticate this nice move today.

We might be getting another step down. There are 2 declines in what appears to be 1st step down which could mean we’re in 3rd step now???

How many went to jail over the 2008 banking fiasco, so it will be no surprise that Wells Fargo executives are going to skate…

Good idea to watch Tom’s studies…

Investors should stay away from shares of Deutsche Bank & remain defensive in financial markets, said Jeffrey Gundlach Duhhhh, really???

Do you know that the financial year of the Federal govt begins on Oct 1 & ends on Sept 30. Thus the anxiety in Sep & Oct. Make sense to U

We’re in a very negative part of the year. It will end when Oct is gone. In 1987 the crash was on the 19th so it can come early or late

No lower lows so no panic is necessary & if we don’t crush the double bottom of a few days ago, things are not horrible, just concerned

Milky Way as seen from Yosemite

China Real Estate Bubble

We gotta keep an eye on that red upper trend line

FED is cruising along churning out lotsa money for the economy

You can launch the live drag videos by going to Date and times below

We got white candlestick today, mentioned yesterday. If get a 3rd white candlestick tomorrow, will be called 3 white soldiers, very bullish

“Most successful investors, in fact, do nothing most of the time.” Jim Rogers

“No matter what we all know today, it’s not going to be true in 10 or 15 years.” Jim Rogers

In 2008 stocks were a good buy . . . . . Goodbye Mercedes, goodbye yacht, goodbye vacation home, goodbye . . . -Ed Hart (modified for today)

Market Correction – The day after you buy stocks. – Anonymous

Economists have predicted 14 of the last 3 recessions. – Anonymous

Money talks, but all mine ever says is “goodbye” – Anonymous

Never check stock prices on a Friday, it could spoil your weekend. – Anonymous

Wall Street is a street with a river at one end and a graveyard at the other. – Anonymous

Those who can . . . do Those who can’t . . . teach Those who can’t teach . . . work for the government. Gurus teach selling their service

P/E ratio – The percentage of investors wetting their pants as the market keeps crashing. – Anonymous

“If Santa fails to call the bears will roam on Broad and Wall” – Lucien Hooper

Often times WHEN you take a position can be more important than WHAT you take a position in. – Anonymous

Don’t marry a stock. Every stock must be sold. – Anonymous Growth stocks eventually get old and must be sold, not held forever

The public is right during the trends but wrong at both ends. – Humphrey Neill Public never seems to learn this axiom, cuz they’re Geniuses

Nobody is more bearish than a sold-out bull. – Anonymous

Let Wall Street have a nightmare and the whole country has to help get them back in bed again. – Will Rogers

Wall Street never changes, pockets change, suckers change, stocks change, but Wall Street never changes, because human nature never changes

Don’t ever make the mistake of telling the market it is wrong. – James Dines

When you realize that you are riding a dead horse the best strategy is to dismount. – Sioux Indian Proverb

Spend at least as much time researching a stock as you would choosing a refrigerator. – Peter Lynch

Don’t catch a falling knife. – Anonymous

Hope is your worst enemy in the market. – Anonymous

Return of principal is more important than the return on principal. – Anonymous

Markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent. – John Maynard Keynes

A buy and hold strategy is a short term trade that went wrong. – Anonymous

A bubble is a bull market in which you don’t have a position. – Anonymous

The hardest part of a bull market is staying on. – Anonymous

Buy the rumor, sell the news. – Anonymous

The main purpose of the stock market is to make fools of as many people as possible. – Bernard Baruch

If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. – Bernard Baruch

I made money by selling too soon. – Bernard Baruch

Emotions are your worst enemy in the stock market. – Don Hays

Stock are bought on expectations, not facts. – Gerald Loeb

If you have trouble imagining a 20% loss in the stock market, you shouldn’t be in stocks. – John (Jack) Bogle

“Whenever you find hope or fear warping judgment, close out your position” – Richard Wyckoff

History always repeats, only the details change. – Edson Gould

“This time it’s different” was prevalent during the bubble of 2000. In 1929 it was called “New Economics”. – Bob

The four most dangerous words in investing are “This time it’s different”. – John Templeton

Rule#1: Never lose money. Rule #2: Never forget rule #1 – Warren Buffett

The time of maximum pessimism is the best time to buy and the time of maximum optimism is the best time to sell. – John Templeton

“Essence of investment management is management of risks, not management of returns. Well-managed portfolios start with this precept.”

I know old traders, and I know bold traders, but I know no old and bold traders! Anonymous

I could be afraid of the next “true” bear market. A bear market is one that lasts over 1 year & declines 40+%. Rest are just corrections

I must admit banking crisis of 2008 scared the crap out of me cuz I saw the possibility of a complete collapse in the USA. Never afraid B4

I’m not a guru, but I’ve been around the block many many times and recognize certain similarities to the past. I’ve seen it all

How many gurus did you see during 2008-2009?? None recognized March 2009 bottom!! Gurus always gear up well after bull market beginnings

Best quip, & I experienced it while a teenager DON’T CONFUSE GENIUS WITH A BULL MARKET ALL GURUS disappear in next BEAR market

After a bullish engulfing candlestick yesterday we were supposed to advance today and we have done that


Video: How To Win A Burnout Contest With Your New Hellcat…

@focus1234567 I put up a “true” 60 minute envelope on : PAGE 3 CHART 1 – – 60 MIN – RSI, ADX, VORTEX, 5 HOUR TRIN, ENVELOPE

We had a bullish engulfing candlestick today. Supposed to be followed with a white candlestick tomorrow

We “should” have a better rally, but may have only completed 2 steps down. Thought middle of Aug was step 1 down cuz of count up from June

We didn’t make a higher high today after last night’s rally. That failed to impress me. Gotta make higher highs to have a trend

Keep track of crime in your neighborhood. It’s a good idea. Set range at 1 mile.

Just about all of the betting sites in London said there was no way that BREXIT would pass, so the betting sites can be way off.

Trump’s gotta keep his cool in the debates I noticed him sniffing during the debate and he said he didn’t have a cold or the sniffles? WTF??

Broke downtrend channel started last Thursday 2nd chart shows rally from 9/12, decline shows decline after step 2 up Decline could be over?

Forever Arnie’s Army

1960 US Open 3 unsuccessful attempts to drive 1st green, Arnie drove it in the 4th round & on to victory. Annie was -7 strokes on last day

Palmer popularized a modern, exciting form of golf, often scrambling to save par after having driven off-line into the woods or a bunker.

Asked how he made 12 on 18th hole of 1961 LA Open, he replied, “I missed my putt for an 11″ Following week I followed him 4 days to victory…

@SuperDaveTrades Good idea SD, I’m going to add that to page 5 of my charts

Mike Burk’s report for Saturday, PDF file at my blog site ……

Percentage of new lows is really quiet, if someone is selling lotsa stock, it’s well camouflaged

2007 peak as shown by the number of new lows Chart shows Jan 2006 to Jun 2009

ALTRIA (formerly Philip Morris) is experiencing a multi-step correction, 1st in long time Altria is noted for high dividends & capital gains

Did your see “Modern Family” on TV this week??? It was one HUGE product placement on show. DIS probably paid more than show cost to make

Regardless of who is President, we’ll have more money spent on infrastructure, hence CAT is up But if Trump wins, more $ will be spent

M2 money supply MACD shows the speed of the change in the M2 money supply

Yield curve since 2007 market peak

Inverted unemployment job claims still staying strong

Value Line peaks & SP500 peaks Long lead time going for 2000 – 2001 peaks, maybe repeat again?? 1998 Asian currency crisis scared investors

Russell micro caps are in lock step with Value Line and Russell small caps Meaning the generals leading the last charge & can stay up awhile

Russell small cap is agreeing with the Value Line Geo

Value Line Geometric can be an EARLY warning index, way early sometimes

DJ Industrials mirror the SP500 nicely, but lets look at some of the other indexes

SP500 completed 2 smaller steps up since the decline that followed end of step 3 1 more step & correct, OR Is this steps 4 & 5 after step 3?

AMZN has doubled since its Feb bottom, that’s pretty fast paced

Amazon keep roaring along while GOOG is playing with this top are for the 3rd time Rest of the FANGS glamour stocks are a little sick

Put / Call ratio has been asleep for Sept on the centerline

Longer term has a ways to go B4 it geta into overbought territory

We hit a short term overbought last week

We’re getting a bounce at the 500 line, which is normal to bounce somewhere in the area of the +500 line

This chart gave a good early warning back in 2007. I posted the old chart a week ago or so.

Net new highs are rising again after a short & mild slowdown, gotta keep going & make a new high though, no fair quittin’ B4 the old peak

LONG TERM = 4TH STEP UP SINCE 2009, all-time highs?? SHORT TERM = Doesn’t want to go down in negative seasonality…

Not much of a response from the ViX on the decline

Close to the lower trend line, we’ll see if it holds and becomes a buy point??

The Venom GT Spyder makes my Cobra look really…

And if a fast SUV isn’t for you, how about this one? I got the need . . . the need for speed…

Sep. 9 selloff gapped the DJIA down through 50MA. Post-FOMC rebound seems to have bonked against it.

Trump is headed for a win, says professor who has predicted 30 years of presidential outcomes correctly…

uh oh Are we spending more or is income tax receipts falling. I don’t delve into such things, I let other people do it. I look at tea leaves…

Wonder where they’ll be in 5 or 10 years? I guess these guys that tell you they’re getting 200-300% income per year can do it, but I can’t…

Now that’s an SUV Hennessey Will Sell You 842-HP Escalade Enough power to hit 60 mph in 3.9 seconds

@wekim77 reaching a low sometime in 2nd year & then reflate The 4 year cycle used to work so perfectly (when I was young) & now, who knows??

Trend lines in force for now

Cuz FED is going to begin raising rates after the election. That’s obvious cuz Yellen could give NO reason whey they didn’t raise rates Wed

The simplistic method of buying in Nov & selling May could fail. What if a decline starts sometime after the election (ending in March)???

6 of 39 world indexes were down today, rest were up, good day in the world

“Fed is ‘perilously close’ to losing its credibility” Anybody that has been around the block a few times knows this happens during elections

The Russell 2000 small cap got in gear today with the large caps, getting ready to make a higher high made in early Sept, all is well then

Stock market action in Sep seems to confirm wave count. If it makes it thru Oct with no crisis, we’ll have to say this wave count is correct…

LONG = 4TH STEP UP SINCE 2009, need higher all-time highs SHORT = Just doesn’t want to go down…

Had to add a higher trend line for today’s rally Advancing in the last half of Sept is a big deal

white background charts come from the following black background charts are made on my computer – no link

Interesting how those 2 upper “guesses” at a trend line are working out, but things change so we’ll see how tomorrow goes.

Had a 90% up volume today but only 80% advance

You can find the cumulative high-low chart updated daily at PAGE 1 CHART 1 – – NYSE HIGH LOW on this link

IMPORTANT Cumulative high-low for 2007, for future reference. Any correction didn’t make chart decline should be bought 2007 & 2016 charts

I’ll watch the expansion of highs & lows on this rally

Barbara Kollmeyer The crowd wants this stock market correction too badly for it to happen, which bolsters our shallow correct call YUP & YEP

Cracked the first parallel upward trend line, see what happens on the next one higher???

We’ll see if the parallel upward line is the termination line for a pull back

Russell small caps are not keeping up with the large caps, don’t particularly like that

Having problems breaking the cyan line

AMZN never wants to take a breath to let money roll in without spending it on a new project. Meanwhile devouring brick & mortar stores…

Winning the war is not easy

It’s long term objective 4 AMZN. Remember how they burned thru money in early years to reap the effects much later. Compare them to old APPL…

Sometimes about 45-60 min after the FED announcement, the market starts to move with vigor. That usually means sentence parsers are finished

Looking for a higher high to validate a break to the upside, until then it’s stayin’ in the triangle

As expected no change by the FED Now people will sit down & parse out each sentence if there are any words changed. Triangle is still intact

It seems that the BOJ can’t win no mater what they do…

DAX up 1% tonight, SP500 is up less than .6%. They’ll probably wind up closer together near Wed close Maybe there is loose lips at the FED

The whole world is advancing tonight including Japan. Keep it up and we’ll have a good day tomorrow.…

Up 10 pts in SP futures tonight. Europe opened, let’s see what influence they play tonight. Unusual 2 advance B4 FED’s announcement. LATER