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January 15, 2014

01/15/14 . . .  by Bob Karrow


The material in this blog, since day one has been copyrighted and all rights reserved.

Any use of the ideas or methods used in this blog MUST be given copyright credit to the author “Bob Karrow”.

If you use any of my proprietary methods without proper copyright credit, I’m going to get irritated.  I don’t take kindly to those who take my ideas and make a small change and call it their creation.  I worked hard and long on the creation of my ideas and I simply expect to be given proper credit.

I don’t think I need remind anyone that I do have copyright law on my side and I do have the means and meanness to enforce my rights.  Plagiarists can spend a lot of time and money trying to defend themselves.  It’s certainly a waste and the solution is simple.

All I ask is that you credit “Bob Karrow” in any method/idea that you may use that is the “same”or “a derivative” of one of my methods/ideas.

It’s really pretty simple and I’m not asking for much.  Give credit where credit is due.

Simultaneous with the publication of my blog at WordPress was also its publication on Facebook, my website, Twitter, Tumblr and Linkedlin.   I have many decades of source material proving my ownership of methods used on this blog.

I have purposely held back the Super Secret Indicator (SSI).  Copyright infringements will certainly force me to never reveal its data source, use or methods of calculation.

I began this blog as a transfer of ideas from me to you, but I never expected to be cut out of the loop on my own creations.  Plagiarism is academic dishonesty (or worse).  Hopefully those who have “lifted” my ideas will do the right thing.  Give credit where credit is due.

Thank you.

Bob Karrow

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