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03/07/17 . . .  by Bob Karrow


  • My charts consist of all the items that Paul Desmond warned about in his paper, “The Warning Signs Of Major Market Tops”, which you can find at the following link


  • If you aren’t familiar with my unorthodox wave counting method, there is a simple explanation at the beginning of the glossary. The glossary also contains lots of other details (explanations) that don’t appear in the blog.



  • A lot of visitors to my blog are looking for information on T-Theory ®.  The below link will take you to the index of all of Terry’s comments during the period Dec 2003 to June 2011.  There are a considerable amount of charts and audio material from Terry Laundry in this section.
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Dec 2013 – 17 TWEETS

A sell signal on chart #60.2 in My Charts Doesn’t mean will go down right away, plus it may be an end of year distortion (frequent problem)

Seasonality is bullish on Monday and bearish on Tuesday. Market has followed seasonality closely this year.

Interesting to watch the volume in last few days of the year. After today (Friday), it’s just Monday and half day on Tuesday.

Small reversal day today. We’ll see at the close, but the indexes moved to new highs and then appear they will close at a loss today.

Seasonal influences are out in force. The Santa rally is in the bag. January barometer “can” predict year, but Dec low is one to watch too.

12/21/13 – Sentiment Extremes & Trendlines wp.me/p1DRwF-2R7

Sequoia Fund closed on Dec 9th. See the current blog for more details.stock-market-observations.com

12/18/13 – Sequoia Fund Is Closed wp.me/p1DRwF-2QZ

I ditto the John Murphy comments that I made 22 hours earlier. A big buying opportunity later in 2014 is likely. Wait for the buy point.

Gallup stock-ownership poll in April 2013, 52% owned shares, lowest reading in 15 years. 62% owned stocks in April 2000 (bear market begins)


An interesting cyclical chart of bonds, stocks and commodities.wp.me/a1DRwF-2QW

Highest bullish sentiment since 1987. Chart link below wp.me/a1DRwF-2QV

12/4/13 – Evolutionary Stages Of An Investor, Value Investing, Sequoia Fund, Jeff Saut, Jimmy Rogers, Bear Markets,… wp.me/p1DRwF-2OQ

The blog from hell is finished It’s too late to publish today & nobody would read it Tomorrow I’m sure I can get 5 or 6 people to read it

The blog from hell is still in hell. I guess my blog OCD is working overtime. It’s not a great piece, it’s just too damn LONG. TODAY ????

I’m struggling with the final copy of a blog update. The editing is unending and driving me crazy. I’m too anal to make it easy on myself.

Nov 2013 – 38 TWEETS

Sentiment AAII, 1987 History – 11/23/13 wp.me/p1DRwF-2LC

ISEE CALL/PUT ratio was 208. The highest one day reading I’ve seen in some time. For every 100 puts purchased, 208 calls were purchased.

Fibonacci Fans showing support lines wp.me/a1DRwF-2Lowp.me/a1DRwF-2Lp wp.me/a1DRwF-2Lq wp.me/a1DRwF-2Lr

Here is another version of investor attitudes This can’t pinpoint exact tops or bottoms, just the neighborhood wp.me/a1DRwF-2Ln

SSI Variations, Hurst Cycles – 11/19/13 wp.me/p1DRwF-2Jc

How long before my Edson Gould article shows up on other websites??? Not long is my guess. There is almost none of Gould’s work on the web

Blog update on Tuesday. Wanted Edson Gould article to get more exposure. I used the weird font on Gould’s article to foil OCR copies.

Complete Article by Edson Gould (1974) wp.me/p1DRwF-2JZ

Blog update on Monday, Two variations on the SSI wp.me/a1DRwF-2Jswp.me/a1DRwF-2Jm Hurst Cycle chart wp.me/a1DRwF-2JI

The 60 minute ADX is thinking about a breather as we have a cross of extreme lines today.

@bobswavecounts What 3rd step??? It never happened.

Still the Energizer bunny, it keeps going and going and going. Another Dow Theory verification of uptrend today, new closing highs in both

Gotta watch out for 3rd step down??? SPX – Rallies back to peakwp.me/a1DRwF-2Iy RUT – 2 clear steps down wp.me/a1DRwF-2Iz

In 2008 stocks were a good buy . . . . . Goodbye Mercedes, goodbye yacht, goodbye vacation home, goodbye . . . -Ed Hart (modified for today)

Hope is your worst enemy in the market. Don’t marry a stock. Every stock must be sold. Market Correction – The day after you buy stocks.

A buy and hold strategy is a short term trade that went wrong. Return of principal is more important than the return on principal.

The main purpose of the stock market is to make fools of as many people as possible. – Bernard Baruch Buy the rumor, sell the news.

History always repeats, only the details change. – Edson Gould & others I made money by selling too soon. – Bernard Baruch

Buy on the cannons, sell on the trumpets. – Old French Proverb The four most dangerous words in investing are “This time it’s different”.

The time of maximum pessimism is the best time to buy and the time of maximum optimism is the best time to sell. – John Templeton

Do you know anyone that bought stocks in the first half of 2009? No, me either. Friends think I’m nuts when I buy with blood in the streets.

Super Secret Indicator – Historical Must Read wp.me/p1DRwF-2HI

I’ll post a blog update tomorrow, contains indicator never revealed before. Here’s a peak wp.me/a1DRwF-2HL wp.me/a1DRwF-2HQ

Newsletter sentiment @ highest level in 30 years. Crowd always wrong at important turns. But when are they wrong?? wp.me/a1DRwF-2HG

Looks good for 3rd step finish at close. Wait see what futures do after the close. If they are down hard before tomorrow’s news, watch out

Market creates a 3rd step count to rally tomorrow or continue down as it sub-steps. News will be important tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes.

3rd step down of the day. Rally after that, but how far??? That’s going to be the real question. I can see one more bump up to new highs.

Fibonacci fan hit today’s peak. stock-market-observations.com/?attachment_id…

More big news coming on Fri morning. We’ll see how it moves the market. We are probably going to meander around for now.

Most indexes have penetrated morning lows but there isn’t a fast paced sell off taking place, more methodical decline

Whimper rally going on at the moment. Gotta give it a little time to develop into a stronger rally or more decline.

You would expect the market to hesitate before penetrating the morning lows. If it doesn’t, that becomes convincing for a bigger decline.

Watch for gradual decline back to morning lows. Penetration of those lows will accelerate the downturn. Today looks similar to May peak.

I took a short position today. Today is a one day reversal in Dow, new high and closes at a loss. Today could be the end of step 3 up???

Trying to figure out this 3rd wave count is challenging and confusing. Here is my latest thoughts. wp.me/a1DRwF-2Hg

Nearing 1 year point on the beginning of this rally. Long term profit taking will begin soon. It usually takes awhile to make itself felt.

Advisers are very bullish wp.me/a1DRwF-2Hb Investor Cash is very lowwp.me/a1DRwF-2Hc Both charts show crowd is always wrong

Just got back from an 8 day trip & was out of touch. Market may have completed 3 steps up since mid-Oct bottom. Lower lows if true.

Oct 2013 – 54 TWEETS

Part 2 Otherwise, the “cure” will prove deadlier than the disease.” Mark Spitznagel Ditto me too on that quote

Part 1 What we must learn from history is that the government should stop suppressing the natural, homeostatic functions of the market.

cnbc.com/id/101137648 Guy is a major bear, he got 2000 & 2008 right, not predicting decline right now but within a year Ditto for me too

New page on My Charts. Shows internals on different sectors of the market. Some sectors lead while others lag. stockcharts.com/public/1169350…

A good looking Fibonacci fan, 10-18-13 ES 18 MIN BARS – FIBONACCI FAN pic.twitter.com/CgRHfIVYdK

Technical Failure Peak A new peak unsupported by internal measurements, Oct 2007 was example. This type top usually follows a market break

STRONG bull markets don’t turn down overnight. They sawtooth the top, break down, rally nearly to old peak, OR form a technical failure top

Example of a one day reversal below: pic.twitter.com/RjCX5qde3O

Look for a one day reversal, possibly news driven Definition After extended rally, stock trades at a new high, but closes the day at a loss

A pitchfork since May 2012. Center line is right down the middle of the chart with good limit lines. wp.me/a1DRwF-2H4

Trendline since 10/9/13. Looks like 5th step & will correct Fri or Mon. Only a few indexes made new highs recently wp.me/a1DRwF-2H3

Fitch Puts U.S. on Rating Watch Negative wp.me/p1DRwF-2GC

Fitch Puts US on “Rating Watch Negative” Next up is S&P ratings You play with fire, you get burned. Some people never learn that lesson!!!

I watch junk bond ETFs because they are the canary in the coal mine. They tend to react early, showing a yet to be seen trend.

Junk bonds not in free fall JNK wp.me/a1DRwF-2GA HIO – double topped early 2013 and started falliing wp.me/a1DRwF-2GB

Volume higher than yesterday wp.me/a1DRwF-2Gw DBV continues upwardwp.me/a1DRwF-2Gx BUT projection end? wp.me/a1DRwF-2Gy

Updated trendline from yesterday wp.me/a1DRwF-2Gt Retracement levelswp.me/a1DRwF-2Gu Projection lines wp.me/a1DRwF-2Gv

If DC is dumb enough to default??????? Worst case scenario is large step III begins (red letters) chart #10.1 stockcharts.com/public/1169350

We’ve seen this movie before, the hero saves the day but not until doom was assured!!! Jeff Saut today said: wp.me/a1DRwF-2FU

Short term wp.me/a1DRwF-2Gn Intermediate, old line limiting present peaks wp.me/a1DRwF-2Go Long wp.me/a1DRwF-2Gp

When a debt/budget deal is reached, market will rally quickly into a short term peak.

ADX indicates market getting extended and might take a breather 60 minute ADX wp.me/a1DRwF-2Gl 5 minute ADX wp.me/a1DRwF-2Gm

Russell 2000 (RUT) counts well, indicates a 5th step ahead, coupled with rising wedge indicates rough times coming wp.me/a1DRwF-2Gk

Rising wedges (diagonals) in the last step 2011 wp.me/a1DRwF-2Gj 2013wp.me/a1DRwF-2Gk

Paraphrased from “Elliott Wave Principle: Key To Market Behavior” Ending diagonal triangles in the 3rd step, imply dramatic reversal ahead

Jeff Saut’s 1684 SPX was below the line for 3 days, then rocketed back. No VALID break has taken place even though spent 3 days below.

One of the few people that I listen to is Christine Lagarde. She pulls no punches, always tells like it is. worldnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/10/…

Dow -100 points tonight as Dem & Rep duke it out over budget diff. Eyeball to eyeball, waiting for the other to blink first. Nutty guys!

One of the Fibonacci fans I published yesterday. It’s still dead on target. We’ll see if it can maintain that. wp.me/a1DRwF-2Gh

Market reached Fibonacci retracement level. How long it rests could be revealing. Strong advances don’t wait long wp.me/a1DRwF-2Gg

Tweetin’ 10/10/13 wp.me/p1DRwF-2G8

Not quite 90% up day, volume was 92% but advance decline was 84% See my charts, #10.20 – VOLUME % – OVER/UNDER 90%stockcharts.com/public/1169350

Latest trendlines wp.me/a1DRwF-2FX

Upside Fibonacci projections, we’re close to lines presently – grey and blue lines, yellow is retracement wp.me/a1DRwF-2FW

Example of Fibonacci projection. Valid projection will have multiple valid stopping points like this one did. wp.me/a1DRwF-2FV

Comet ISON close to Mars presently & +10th magnitude Peak brightness could be –10 late Nov Moon has magnitude of –12spaceweathergallery.com/indiv_upload.p…

Today a comet is diving into sun & breaking up, look at 5 o’clock position in video. I have wide eclectic interests. spaceweather.com/images2013/10o…

Today’s Jeff Saut comments. His comments are written very early, about 5:30 AM EDT. Click date link for comments. wp.me/a1DRwF-2FU

I’ve uploaded today’s Jeff Saut’s audio comments, taking forever to process. When I have a link from the blog library, I’ll post it.

Fibonacci fans I drew a couple of days ago. Resistance on the lineswp.me/a1DRwF-2FR wp.me/a1DRwF-2FS wp.me/a1DRwF-2FT

The Russell 2000 usually counts well and it’s looking for one more peak. That would also hold true for the NASDAQ. wp.me/a1DRwF-2FQ

Banks are very strong today.  wp.me/a1DRwF-2FP

Apple is having problems with resistance around 492. wp.me/a1DRwF-2FO

Possible trendline???? I’ve been busy this morning. wp.me/a1DRwF-2FN

The ADX could pause for a breather here as it’s looking extended.wp.me/a1DRwF-2FM

The rally began yesterday a couple hours after the market opened. We’re up 40 futures points since Wednesday. wp.me/a1DRwF-2FL

@NatlParkService I was kicked out.

If we have a higher high, watch for a 5 count on the saw-tooth top. Otherwise we will have a 3 peak top completed. wp.me/a1DRwF-2FK

“I’m watching for a “possible” last gasp rally that could provide a decent shorting opportunity.” wp.me/a1DRwF-2FJ

Whatcha Thinkin’ 10/8/13 wp.me/p1DRwF-2Fw

Jeff Saut’s 1684 level on the SPX is behind us. The market went right through it with no effort late Monday and hasn’t looked back.

Evicted from Yosemite last week, while traveling we saw this sign on a small town bulletin board, brazen advertising wp.me/a1DRwF-2Fv

Jeff Saut said: “following the drama of the alleged fiscal cliff “crisis”; the SPX rallied 100 points before experiencing a decent pullback”

Sep 2013 – 34 TWEETS

Futures down 12 points Sunday. It’s the government shutdown. Is another debt downgrade possible? Easy to figure who the voters will blame?

Since 9/19 new low every day as we wait on Congress. Higher debt interest if we default. Who will we blame? Congress can’t be that dumb???

Are we in a sideways correction after recent decline? If true, would be bearish. Are we waiting for 1 more step up before more decline?

Jeff Saut watching 1684 SP 500. Significant close below this level would mean lower prices. No significant move down PRESENTLY, later yes.

@NatlParkService What happens if government shuts down on Oct 1. If I’m camped inside the park on Oct 1, will I be kicked out????

5th step down bottoming tonight in futures?? 5th step low in same area as 3rd step low earlier today. Triple bottom?? Rally tomorrow??

Beginning Sunday, I’ll be traveling & out of touch. Watch 1st chart on My Charts for a channel break ending step 5. stockcharts.com/public/1169350

Today, a small rally and a small 3 step correction into the close. Market is resisting more rally. Is the 3rd step overhanging the market?

Possible only completed 2 steps down by 11 AM 9/23/13. If rally fizzles, watch for more decline. 5 steps down would not be bullish

Did we complete step 1 up or all of step 5 up 3 steps down completed 9/23/13 Failure make new high “could” indicate significant correction

The End Is Near Woe Woe Woe, (Doo Wop music) Chart #10.0 My Chartswp.me/a1DRwF-2Fs wp.me/a1DRwF-2Ft wp.me/a1DRwF-2Fu

The Aug peak & the next peak (September??) are exhaustion peaks (steps #4 & #5). When this rally is finished, “THE” correction will begin.

Relative weakness in banks. A steep yield curve and loose monetary policy should benefit banks. No bounce with positive news is negative.

The Question? Do we have 1 or 3 steps up from August 30th? Either one is possible. Market most overbought in over a year, correcting now.

Watching the channel for a break. Count appears right for a break. There “could” be a misinterpretation on Sept 6th wp.me/a1DRwF-2Fp

Alternate wave count. wp.me/a1DRwF-2Fo

Next significant channel break should yield larger correction into Hurst Oct – Jan lows. Wait for the peak. wp.me/a1DRwF-2Fn

Jeff Saut says: SPX is now above 1684 pivot point, although not decisively. Needs to stay above 1684 more than 3 days & by at least 3%

BIG NEWS Summers Pulls Name From Consideration for Fed Chief And the SP futures are up over 15 points on Sunday’s opening.

Tweet Updates wp.me/p1DRwF-2Fj

Jeff Saut said things aren’t unresolved. I concur. Lotsa news next week Yesterday wasn’t a good reversal day, keep watching for more clues

Check out the different oscillators and indicators in my charts.stockcharts.com/public/1169350

Jeff Saut capitulated, he is putting money back to work, but is very suspicious. Hurst forecast lows Oct to Jan . . . still possible

Will we close at a loss today? If so, we have a reversal day – close at a loss after a new intra-day high If no loss, forget about it

Safe bet we are in another step up with new highs likely. This is likely the 5th step up from my tweet of 9/8/13. wp.me/a1DRwF-2Fi

NASDAQ early leader to the downside. Apple down with no surprise product announcements. Will Apple recover its flash without Steve Jobs???

Here’s a chart that says we haven’t had the last step up yet. Looks reasonable but when will it take place. Now??? wp.me/a1DRwF-2Fh

Market staying in a well defined channel. wp.me/a1DRwF-2Fg Big breakout from channel on upside would likely be viewed positively.

Link for the 2002 MTA Dow Award wp.me/a1DRwF-2Ff Paper explains high volume thrusts. When they occur, they’re telling you something

Not impressed with the rally “yet”. A slow rally can work off the deep oversold with no fireworks on the upside. wp.me/a1DRwF-2Fe

Correction Variations & My Tweets wp.me/p1DRwF-2EH

Market corrected late Sunday then formed a small 3 step up ending on today’s open. Took profits & doing nothing for now except watching.

Looks like the Dow will open up about 120 points tomorrow morning after having a nice advance and small correction over the last 24 hours.

SP futures are up 12 points tonight Covered my short and went long on Friday and it looks good so far (see earlier tweet) We’ll see later

Aug 2013 – 38 TWEETS

Looks like they tried to scare out my stops (unsuccessfully). Takes more than that to quake my boots, but not a lot more sometimes.

Curses, foiled again by the evil Nemesis of Wall St., “The Early Jump”.

Covered and have a token long. Close sell stops to liquidate long and short again. Probably just the end of act One. But I’m often wrong.

@bobswavecounts Always a chance of a 4th and 5th step here, It all depends on whether the market is aiming for Oct or Jan. We’ll see.

Since Aug 5 secondary indexes show 3 steps down. Large caps look more like 2 steps down. Watching carefully for more telling indications

We had the aborted 3rd step up late last night. It stopped at the prior high of step 2 and then fell back.

Had 2 steps up since the bottom on the 27th. Large rallies extend the decline timeline further out; the opposite occurs for small rallies

NOBODY went short on 8/4/13 (I did). Then John Murphy opined the bull is still intact. HUH?? But it went well. Oct-Jan target w/ rallies

Gonna have some fun before the end, this is gonna be one mean correction. It’s got a lot of mean in it today, NASDAQ -77 or more than -2%

In case you’ve never looked at an enormous book site, take a look at:ifa.com/books/ Some of these are available for download too.

SPX made small break above Mon-Tue highs and DJI is lagging badly. SPX keeps trending higher. Small caps are running higher

Couldn’t break the Mon & Tue highs. Not valid yet, but looking at inverse head & shoulders forming??? wp.me/a1DRwF-2EB

Looking for rally above Tuesday’s high in the DJI and SPX, not small caps. Small caps have already rallied above Tuesday’s highs.

Looking for higher highs – a breakout rally above Tuesday’s highs. The rally is a selling opportunity, because we probably aren’t done yet.

I just scanned my archive and realized that I’ve been writing my blog for over 2 years. All those words and nothing coherent amongst it all



Rally !!! Waiting confirmation of breakout from 3 completed steps down. Above ES 1658 Sept contract (Mon high), correction first & then ???

5th step now has 3 separate steps. We are in the 2nd step of 5th step down. If we have a much deeper oversold, something is going to snap.

DEEPLY oversold oscillators, chart #10.6. Good rallies have taken place after each deep oversold, happen again????stockcharts.com/public/1169350

Here is a chart with projection levels. We have 2 different projections for today’s lows. Next level down is 1631. stock-market-observations.com/?attachment_id…

3rd contact with Fibonacci line. No waterfalls allowed on 1st step, so far we’re OK, but we are WAY oversold. stock-market-observations.com/?attachment_id… Bob

If the current decline doesn’t make a new low, this will be verification we completed 5th step last night. stock-market-observations.com/?attachment_id… Bob

One more small step down (tonight) and we’ll be finished with this phase of the correction. We should rally Monday stock-market-observations.com/?attachment_id…

The market doesn’t want to rally & “MIGHT” be setting up a waterfall decline. What’s would cause a waterfall??? That’s the real question.


Doin’ a blog update. It looks like the 3rd step down could be finished. That will be verified by a higher high, perhaps on Friday.

Obviously I made a mistake on the count. The 5 count was only step 1 down. Here is a chart with a new count. …arketobservations.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/8-14-1… Bob

The NASDAQ futures hit a new all-time high today. The actual NASDAQ index hasn’t made a new high, but it’s in the neighborhood (7 points).

Just completed 5 steps down and we’ve begun a 3 step rally. See chart at:…arketobservations.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/8-13-1… Bob

Jeff Saut & DBV Reversal wp.me/p1DRwF-2D1

Jeff Saut & Some Crazy Ideas wp.me/p1DRwF-2BG

Rally Underway and Jeff Saut on 8/8/13 wp.me/p1DRwF-2Br

Bottom was further down than anticipated. Looking for a rally to short from higher levels. Cute moves aren’t always good for money making.

Covered my short within 2 points of the bottom (lucky again). More if I short again. SP500 has higher highs on this tiny “rally”.

Lower Lows – Not Yet wp.me/p1DRwF-2B6

Jul 2013 – 7 TWEETS

Important Cycle Lows Due In October Or ??? wp.me/p1DRwF-2zr

07/27/13 – Revisting Net New Highs wp.me/p1DRwF-2zW

07/25/13 – New Highs Ahead & Then Watch Out wp.me/p1DRwF-2yx

07/23/13 – DOW THEORY SIGNALS Plus Warnings & Confirmations wp.me/p1DRwF-2yf

07/19/13 – Rising Quickly To 1700 (or higher ???) wp.me/p1DRwF-2×3

07/16/13 – Jeff Saut’s Warning Nov 2007 wp.me/p1DRwF-2×8

07/09/13 – Euphoria & A Peak Is Coming wp.me/p1DRwF-2ww

May 2013 – 2 TWEETS

Apr 2013 – 93 TWEETS

Finished With The T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-2vQ

December 2003 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-2ot

January 2004 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-2qn

February 2004 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-2og

March 2004 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-2o6

April 2004 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-2nZ

May 2004 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-2nT

June 2004 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-265

July 2004 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-269

August 2004 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-26h

September & October 2004 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-26m

November 2004 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-26u

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May 2005 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-27A

June 2005 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-27N

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September 2005 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-28e

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November 2005 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-28p

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June 2011 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-2dP

Updates Aren’t Visible wp.me/p1DRwF-2va

January 2006 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-28G

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May 2006 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-29l

June 2006 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-29p

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August 2006 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-29r

September 2006 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-29Q

October 2006 to May 2007 – T Theory® Updates Are Missing wp.me/p1DRwF-2aI

June 2007 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-29V

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August 2007 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-2a7

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March 2009 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-2d4

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May 2009 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-2d2

June 2009 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-2co

July 2009 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-2d6

August 2009 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-2d8

September 2009 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-2da

October 2009 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-2dc

November 2009 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-2de

December 2009 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-2dg

January 2010 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-2dh

February 2010 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-2dj

March 2010 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-2dl

April 2010 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-2dn

May 2010 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-2dp

June 2010 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-2dt

July 2010 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-2dr

August 2010 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-2dv

September 2010 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-2dx

October 2010 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-2dz

November 2010 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-2dB

December 2010 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-2dD

January 2011 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-2dF

February 2011 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-2dH

March 2011 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-2dJ

April 2011 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-2dL

May 2011 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-2dN

Don’t Forget The Index wp.me/p1DRwF-2tp

Terry Laundry’s T Theory® Flood (91 updates) wp.me/p1DRwF-2tk

January 2004 – T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-2op

04/10/13 – Still In 3rd Step wp.me/p1DRwF-26W

04/09/13 – T-Theory Historical Updates wp.me/p1DRwF-24E

04/05/13 – Now What??? wp.me/p1DRwF-23f

04/02/13 – Warning wp.me/p1DRwF-22D

Mar 2013 2 TWEETS

03/19/13 – Long Term & 3rd Step? wp.me/p1DRwF-21M

03/17/13 – Changing To A 3 Step Correction wp.me/p1DRwF-21o

Feb 2013 – 9 TWEETS

02/24/13 – Whiff Of Deflation??? wp.me/p1DRwF-21a

02/21/13 – Today’s Charts Plus Books, Financial Web Links, Videos, Etc wp.me/p1DRwF-1Z5

02/19/13 – Hurst Cycle Video wp.me/p1DRwF-1ZS

02/16/13 – Distribution or ??? wp.me/p1DRwF-1Yf

2/15/13 – Edson Gould Papers & Hurst Video wp.me/p1DRwF-1XN

02/14/13 – Oil Independence?? wp.me/p1DRwF-1WJ

02/12/13 – Where Are We Going? wp.me/p1DRwF-1VZ

02/07/13 – Head & Shoulders Formation wp.me/p1DRwF-1VG

02/02/13 – New Highs, Sentiment & Wave Count wp.me/p1DRwF-1Uz

Jan 2013 – 11 TWEETS

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