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03/06/17 . . .  by Bob Karrow


  • My charts consist of all the items that Paul Desmond warned about in his paper, “The Warning Signs Of Major Market Tops”, which you can find at the following link


  • If you aren’t familiar with my unorthodox wave counting method, there is a simple explanation at the beginning of the glossary. The glossary also contains lots of other details (explanations) that don’t appear in the blog.



  • A lot of visitors to my blog are looking for information on T-Theory ®.  The below link will take you to the index of all of Terry’s comments during the period Dec 2003 to June 2011.  There are a considerable amount of charts and audio material from Terry Laundry in this section.
  • If you are looking for the ability to make your own predictions using T-THEORY ®, I would highly recommend Terry’s Encyclopedia on T-THEORY ®


StockCharts Messages Thru 11/30/12 wp.me/p1DRwF-1Nw

StockCharts Messages Thru 11/29/12 wp.me/p1DRwF-1Nd

StockCharts Messages Thru 11/28/12 wp.me/p1DRwF-1N2

11/27/12 – Messages From StockCharts wp.me/p1DRwF-1MK

11/17/12 – Messages From StockCharts (complete) wp.me/p1DRwF-1LY

11/13/12 – Messages From StockCharts (complete) wp.me/p1DRwF-1LG

11/01/12 – My Chart Market Message wp.me/p1DRwF-1Lw

Oct 2012 – 2 TWEETS

10/29/12 – Market Trading Messages wp.me/p1DRwF-1Lj

I am posting daily (or more often) comments on chart #10.0 at:stockcharts.com/public/1169350

Sep 2012 – 2 TWEETS

Look at the expiring T on chart #20.0 on my charts.stockcharts.com/public/1169350…

The indicators on my charts are diverging. Means a top is here or approaching. Count also indicates caution on next top of consequence.

Aug 2012 – 45 TWEETS

08/22/12 – Cycles Update wp.me/p1DRwF-1KY

One day reversal, new intraday high & then close at a loss. Close could be lower than yesterday’s low too. Denotes a period of weakness.

If count is CORRECT & today was the end of step 2, we will probably sink below 1409, but not below 1397. Followed by step 3 up.

Today’s decline has an irregular count. That means an extended decline??? Last contact with trend lines on chart #30.0 was after step 1

Today’s high is the end of step 2 of step 5. Step 5 began on 8/2/12. Step 1 of 5 began on 6/3/12. Jackson Hole summit is 8/31/12.

SPX made a new intraday high this morn and came away with it’s hair on fire. Typical action around a new high.

Followup move refused to decline, covered. Extended 5th wave in progress, counting harder. Ride the wave. Let chart 30.0 sell you out.

Possible last step up in sm rally. Watching carefully. Went short last night, missed top by 50 cents. Lucky. Covered. Ready short again


Index For T-Theory® Updates wp.me/p1DRwF-1Kg

Calculating the T Theory Daily Volume Oscillator wp.me/p1DRwF-1Jx

Simple Advance-Decline Time Symmetries – 1966 to 1998 wp.me/p1DRwF-1E7

Long Range Oscillator Time Symmetries wp.me/p1DRwF-1Eh

Short Range T Time Symmetries wp.me/p1DRwF-1Es

An Overview of T Theory® Topics wp.me/p1DRwF-1E2

03/20/11 Weekly T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-1Jl

07/18/10 Weekly T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-1J9

06/20/10 Weekly T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-1J1

06/13/10 Weekly T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-1IN

05/02/10 Weekly T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-1Iz

04/25/10 Weekly T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-1Ih

03/28/10 Weekly T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-1I0

03/14/10 Weekly T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-1HR

03/07/10 Weekly T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-1HH

02/21/10 Weekly T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-1Ht

02/14/10 Weekly T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-1Hi

02/07/10 Weekly T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-1Gy

01/03/10 Weekly T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-1Gr

12/27/09 Weekly T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-1Gg

11/29/09 Weekly T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-1G2

11/22/09 Weekly T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-1FT

10/25/09 Weekly T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-1FJ

10/18/09 Weekly T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-1FD

10/11/09 Weekly T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-1Fm

10/04/09 Weekly T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-1Fa

09/27/09 Weekly T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-1F4

09/21/09 Weekly T Theory® Update wp.me/p1DRwF-1EG

08/02/09 – Old Audio Updates For T Theory® wp.me/p1DRwF-1D8

07/26/09 – Old Audio Updates For T Theory® wp.me/p1DRwF-1CN

07/19/09 – Old Audio Updates For T Theory® wp.me/p1DRwF-1Cz

06/18/09 – Old Audio Updates For T Theory® wp.me/p1DRwF-1Ck

06/08/09 – Old Audio Updates For T Theory® wp.me/p1DRwF-1C4

01/21/09 – Old Audio Updates For T Theory® wp.me/p1DRwF-1BN

01/12/09 – Old Audio Updates For T Theory® wp.me/p1DRwF-1Bd

01/05/09 – Old Audio Updates For T Theory® wp.me/p1DRwF-1B1

Jul 2012 – 83 TWEETS

07/28/12 – Boogeyman Under The Bed? – In Depth, Jeff Saut, Cycles wp.me/p1DRwF-1AP

Complete report on FED meeting influence on stock prices – …arketobservations.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/market…

Minute by minute FED meeting influence on stock prices – …arketobservations.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/07-31-…

See ES chart & where the 3rd step up terminated on a Fibonacci line. Step 2 stopped on a higher Fibonacci line – – – …arketobservations.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/07-30-…

ES Futures only – 4th step correction took place Sunday, 5th step rally finished at 10:30 AM EDT Monday. Count is different on SPX

07/28/12 – Boogeyman Under The Bed? – In Depth, Jeff Saut, Cycles wp.me/p1DRwF-1zK

I’m gonna publish a blog update on Sunday. It’s my longest blog in a LONG time. It includes Jeff Saut, cycles, charts & different outlooks

Part #3 – There is always a correction to see what to do next. That’s up next. Look at the new signposts and go in the right direction.

Part #2 – “If it’s obvious, it’s obviously wrong” – Granville. That’s was my mistake. A rookie mistake after 55 years . . . dummy, dummy.

Part #1 – On 7/24 said “Completed 5 count at 6 PM PDT. APPL disappointment will overhang tomorrow trading”. What a dummy!!!

Interesting trendlines on the Vaule Line Index at this chart link, look at the ADX on this chart too – – …arketobservations.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/07-25-…

Those poorly written & confusing tweets Re: scenarios has prompted me to spend lotsa hours writing a blog update. Hope to publish tomorrow

It’s always scenarios as to what might happen. After that choose one & wait. I need more scenarios on my blog for better clarity of choice.

Otherwise 2 will stop rally and we will take out 7/24 lows. Confused, yeah! I need to blog & chart this for clarity. Tell you when I do it

We could have a horizontal correction instead of a down. End of step 2 down will confirm or deny this. If 2 over will have sustained rally

BUT with no 5, 3 becomes the top and 4 is top after 1st step down, which would mean we are in step 2 down which began on 7/19/12. See charts

Multi-part tweet – From 6/4/12 bottom, futures show 4 steps up, daily SPX charts show 3 steps up. If 4 is correct then 5 should appear.

The AAPL effect was minimal and I shouldn’t have paid attention to it last night. APPL sales effect should last for one more quarter though.

That “might” be the end of 2nd step up since the 6PM PDT bottom. If it has a bit bigger correction here, that statement will be true.

And I’m getting a LOT of people reading the Bressert Money Management idea. That’s good stuff – – – stock-market-observations.com/2012/05/10/051…

breakpointtrades.com must have mentioned me cuz I’m getting hits from them. Thanks guys

It’s VERY easy to lose money, so I won’t do anything if I’m confused. I’ll wait for another entry point. APPL effect has me concerned.

Completed 5 count at 6 PM PDT. APPL disappointment will overhang tomorrow trading. Count says to buy, fundamental says beware. What?????????

Yup, Apple disappointed Wall St. Good isn’t enough, they want spectacular, so APPL is down 32 points after hours. Futures -6 below my sale.

GUT FEELING WAS CORRECT. The beast is plunging at the moment. I haven’t looked but I would bet that Apple didn’t do as well as expected.

07/24/12 – Axioms and Quips – Quick Round Trip Trade wp.me/p1DRwF-1yf

I don’t know, maybe I have the count right but I’m DEEPLY suspicious. Market trades like it doesn’t want to leave the bottom area.

Might rebuy. Lower lows shouldn’t happened so near the bottom. Very skittish buyer here. Took my 3 pt profit and ran like hell.

I’m still bothered by the market action. Lower low and I’m gone.

WHEW, I thought it might start an early correction. I would have picked up my profits and gone home. Didn’t happen and now moving higher

My gut feelings have a history of being OFTEN correct and that’s why I almost didn’t buy. But I let clarity of thought prevail.

I almost didn’t buy because I had a funny feeling. But I jumped in & I was ahead immediately. Emotions are dangerous things.

Check out the count on chart #10.0 on my charts – stockcharts.com/public/1169350

Sub-stepping taking place in last step. Could end near the close but seem unwilling. Watch for 5 & buy on the 3 with a close stop is my MO.

Are we in step 3 of step 3 counting from the July 19th peak? If true, a more sustained rally begins soon. Possible 5 steps is only problem.

07/23/12 – Today’s Bottom Tweets, Jeff Saut, Edson Gould © ™ wp.me/p1DRwF-1xN

3 steps up completed. Watch next 3 step decline to see if it stops short of this morning’s low & following rally is impulse – then buy

Looks like 2 steps up since this morning’s low. We “should” have step 3 and then down more. Gotta keep our options open for trend changes.

That was a good call this morning (patting myself on the back). Probably more down when rally done. See chart #10.4 @ stockcharts.com/public/1169350

FTSE has a higher bottom. We “could” rally right now. We’ll see, but I have to take RV in for service. I miss all the fun. Damn!

Larger bottom could come later in the week with a sustained rally.

I could be counting sub-divisions of a wave??? First higher high & higher low confirms a bigger rally. Overall probably more on downside.

That’s one rally. The next rally will be more sustained. Probably a double bottom & then up. Soon!

Continuing from last note – the larger rally should begin today.

Just a guess, but I think on the 2nd small rally from now, that rally will turn into something bigger than what’s been seen since Friday

07/19/12 – Lotsa Tweets & Jeff Saut © ™ wp.me/p1DRwF-1xu

Correcting now. Jeff Saut is saying watch for a short term top too. Lower lows will tell the story, listen to Saut – …arketobservations.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/07-19-…

POSSIBLE wave count before a correction. Question is whether last wave is a 5 count or 3 count???? – – – – …arketobservations.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/07-19-…

Market moving up illustrates reason to use Bressert money management. I don’t scale in on my purchases. Buy & stop out QUICKLY if no good.

Small caps are doing well today. See chart #10.4, indicates 3rd step up since July 5 – stockcharts.com/public/1169350

Yesterday and last night’s correction amounted to a big nothing. We’re rattling the old high of July 5th.

We could have had a fake move to the upside when the futures broke 1359.50 We’ll see if more develops to the downside before the close

Since noon today the VIX has failed to decline as the market rose. That’s usually not a positive short term indication. We’ll see.

Are getting the breakout in SPX??? If so, this would be a continuation of blue 3 on chart #10.6 on My Charts, stockcharts.com/public/1169350

The bank index (BKX) looks good and is performing as well as the large caps. US banks may be in much better shape than most think.

The stock index, SOX (semiconductors), refuses to go up & that is troubling for a sustained rally. Other small cap indexes are lagging too.

Stopped out this morning with an excellent profit.

No stops got hit so I’m in the clear for now.

Where did that pop come from (after hours)?? The SPX is higher than the Friday peak. Bernanke speaks in the morning, Beige Book afternoon

07/16/12 – Misc Charts Plus Jeff Saut © ™ wp.me/p1DRwF-1xi

Moved my stop even closer to the market as I’m a little uncomfortable with the correction we are tracing out. If I’m wrong, I’ll rebuy soon

I’ve raised stop to reflect Friday’s rise. I don’t want my profits to erode away. Likely stop won’t be executed. Best to be safe though.

07/14/12 – Terry Laundry 1939-2012 © ™ wp.me/p1DRwF-1×0

07/13/12 – Blastoff Plus Jeff Saut © ™ wp.me/p1DRwF-1wH

We had blast off after my blog update indicated the end of the step down beginning July 5th. Now we’ll see if that’s THE bottom or a bottom

07/12/12 – Possible Wave Count Indicating A Rally??? © ™ wp.me/p1DRwF-1ws

Early Monday morning just before a FED announcement the market begins advancing. Trend less afterward.  …arketobservations.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/fomc-d…

Have you looked at chart #10.4 (SPX) and chart #10.5 (NASDAQ) on page 1 of my charts??? Link for charts is  stockcharts.com/public/1169350…

Most of my oscillators have reached neutral territory. One is nearly oversold, up volume to total volume. See page 2 of my charts.

We will become oversold before this correction is over. We are not to the middle of neutral. More days of choppy ahead. No sell order yet.

And worse it is. I’m looking for support at 1320 SPX & 1305 is possible. This is the correction from 3 steps up from the June 3rd bottom.

That rally was 3 steps up and back down to the beginning. We are obviously still bottoming or worse. The low is holding for now. We’ll see.

Looks like a rally to me.

07/09/12 – My Tweets – Comments by Jeff Saut © ™ wp.me/p1DRwF-1tK

Was that the bottom? From overbought viewpoint, not likely, probably more to go. The count makes it possible. Rally will tell the tale.

Forgot to mention in last tweet that 3rd step doesn’t really begin until the present rally finishes. That seems important, doesn’t it???

We’ve likely started 3rd step down since the peak on July 5th. We’re still overbought but appoaching the neutral zone.

We’re very overbought again, see my chart oscillators on page 2 stockcharts.com/public/1169350…

07/03/12 – Breakout After A Dip © ™ wp.me/p1DRwF-1tB

The count allows for lots more advance before we have a 3 count. It looks like we are in step 2 of the current step up. Bob

1355-1360 didn’t provide much of a barrier and that’s great. As long as we close above that level today, all is good. Bob

The decline after 1st step was 20 points and 4 days. This one is only about 12 points and very quick. Bob

The decline came on schedule & well contained. We have 3 steps down and we just entered 4th step down, or are we in a double bottom rally??

Jun 2012 – 9 TWEETS

The quicker and more forcefully we break thru 1355-1360, the better the situation becomes. On Monday there is a Fibonacci line at 1362.

Yuk to all the advertisements on my twitter stream. Bob

We are drawing close to the 1355-1360 SPX overhead resistance area. This is a key level we must break through. Bob

And we are now at the 61.8% retracement level from the April high to the June low. Seems like a good resting area. Bob

And today is obviously a “trend day”. Every hour is higher than the previous hour. Bob

06/29/12 – BUY THE DIP – QUALIFIED BUY © ™ wp.me/p1DRwF-1tf

06/26/12 – Working Off The Overbought © ™ wp.me/p1DRwF-1t3

06/15/12 – Buy, Sell or Do Nothing??? © ™ wp.me/p1DRwF-1sG

06/01/12 – Where/When Will I Bottom Fish??? © ™ wp.me/p1DRwF-1oR

May 2012 – 21 TWEETS

5/17/12 – Oversold, Bounce, and Then Bottom wp.me/p1DRwF-1oP

05/14/12 – Off Line Next Week, Step 3 wp.me/p1DRwF-1oF

05/12/12 -Friday’s Failed Rally, Cycles Update wp.me/p1DRwF-1nS

Gen. McAuliffe said in WWII, NUTS. I’m thinking there is a bombshell coming, much more than JP Morgan. I was selling all day. Not short.

Gotta rally in the last hour or else.

05/11/12 – I Bought Again – I’m Not Crying Wolf wp.me/p1DRwF-1nw

Following my free blog at stock-market-observations.com

Now I’ll go to bed because everything appears to be breaking to the upside. Earlier it looked like a small reverse head & shoulders formed

Europe blew off JP Morgan problem. No breakout SP futures (yet). Oil is getting whacked. I’m crazy enough to be in with stops. We’ll see.

I’m “thinking” about doing it again! Just waiting for the last piece to fall into place.

05/10/12 – Bressert Money Management wp.me/p1DRwF-1nl

05/10/12 – Bought and Stopped Out Again wp.me/p1DRwF-1n6

Just bought because Europe is popping higher tonight.

05/10/12 – In The Area Of A Low ??? wp.me/p1DRwF-1mP

05/09/12 – Stopped Out wp.me/p1DRwF-1ms

05/08/12 – Bought – 2nd Update wp.me/p1DRwF-1mc

05/08/12 – Bought wp.me/p1DRwF-1m4

05/07/12 – Bob’s Tell All Confessional wp.me/p1DRwF-1lM

05/06/12 – What’s Going On??? wp.me/p1DRwF-1lp

05/03/12 – When Should I Buy??? wp.me/p1DRwF-1lc

05/01/12 – Interesting Ideas wp.me/p1DRwF-1kr

Apr 2012 – 17 TWEETS

04/30/12 – Bob’s Monday Update wp.me/p1DRwF-1jW

04/29/12 – Bob’s ADX Sunday Update wp.me/p1DRwF-1jM

04/28/12 – Bob’s Saturday Update wp.me/p1DRwF-1ji

04/26/12 – Posting My Trades??? wp.me/p1DRwF-1ig

04/26/12 – Formal Buy Signal wp.me/p1DRwF-1ie

04/25/12 – Rally – How Big Will It Be ??? wp.me/p1DRwF-1hA

04/22/12 – In Depth Stock Market Update wp.me/p1DRwF-1g1

04/18/12 – Last Post For A Few Days wp.me/p1DRwF-1fv

04/17/12 – What’s The Upside For This Rally ??? wp.me/p1DRwF-1f2

04/17/12 – Sold Out Market, Ready For An Upside Fling Or ??? wp.me/p1DRwF-1e3

04/12/12 – Possible Price Projections wp.me/p1DRwF-1dF

04/11/12 @ 10:45 PM EDT – More Rally ??? wp.me/p1DRwF-1du

04/10/12 – Simple Rules wp.me/p1DRwF-1d9

04/8/12 – Intra-Week Market Update wp.me/p1DRwF-1c1

04/5/12 – Wave Count Last 40 Years wp.me/p1DRwF-1aG

04/4/12 – Confirmed Yesterday’s Sell Signal wp.me/p1DRwF-1as

04/3/12 – Stock Market Update wp.me/p1DRwF-1a2

Mar 2012 – 2 TWEETS

Feb 2012 – 4 TWEETS

02/27/12 – Cycles, Divergences & Loss Of MO wp.me/p1DRwF-16E

Feb 14, 2012 – Is It Down, Sideways, or Up? – Computers & Apple Stock wp.me/p1DRwF-13N

Stock Market Update – 02/06/12 wp.me/p1DRwF-13s

Stock Market Update – 02/04/12 wp.me/p1DRwF-12u

Jan 2012 – 6 TWEETS

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