Edson Gould Index


Some articles have no link and represent future postings in my Edson Gould collection . . .  Bob 

The following are articles written by Edson Gould (ordered by date)

  • A Vital Anatomy by Edson Gould
  • The Last 100 Points by Edson Gould (1972)
  • Edson Gould’s 1974 Forecast
  • A Major Bottom by Edson Gould
  • Speed Resistance Lines by Edson Gould
  • Swing Principle by Edson Gould
  • Edson Gould’s 1975 Forecast
  • Dividends by Edson Gould
  • Sentimeter by Edson Gould
  • Edson Gould’s 1976 Forecast
  • Edson Gould’s 1977 Forecast
  • Edson Gould’s Five Year Forecast 1977 – 1982
  • Edson Gould’s 1978 Forecast
  • Edson Gould’s 1979 Forecast
  • Edson Gould’s Sign Of The Bull


Many other articles will be posted in the future that are not mentioned in this list.  Presently, those articles have not been scanned into PDF form and only exist on paper. Most of Gould’s market letter, “Findings & Forecasts”, consisted of review of his prior market letters and added nothing new to my knowledge base.  But when one of his market letters did have a new idea, or a meaningful update on a previous idea, I would retain that part of Gould’s market letter for my library. Keeping only part of Edson Gould’s market letters generated hundreds of pages for my library.  Most of Gould’s market letters were lengthy (measuring ¼ to ⅜ inches thick) and if I had kept the complete market letter, I would have thousands of pages instead of hundreds.  These letters are now 40 years old and  I wonder if I would have kept such a large amount of paper??? I subscribed to “Findings & Forecasts” for 6 years, which meant I received 144 issues.  These issues would be approximately 3 to 4 feet in thickness.  That’s a lot of paper to keep for 40 years.   .

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