2/15/13 – Edson Gould Papers & Hurst Video



Obviously no one was interested in oil independence (hardly anyone read it).

Here are a couple of Edson Gould publications (complete PDF files).  Some of this is new while other files are a repeat of an earlier post.  All of this material is available from other sources on the internet and I’m just repeating their earlier publication.

Decade Cycle Update by Ned Davis

Edson Gould Profile by MTA

Edson Gould Concepts – Information Time & Risk by William Scheinman

“Technically Speaking”, a publication of the MTA (Market Technicians Association) with an article about Gould.

Technically Speaking Jan – Feb 2004

Another publication from the MTA about Gould.

Edson Gould Profile

The following are not Gould papers but they are interesting.

While living under Stalin in the Soviet Union, Kondratieff’s theory was rewarded by sending him to the labor camps in Siberia, where he was executed in 1938 (poor guy).

Long Wave in Economic Life by N. D. Kondratieff

The following is a very old book on the Google Book site.  You can download it in the format desired for no charge as it’s an old book and copyrights have long expired.  You can download it by clicking in the upper right of the Google page and select the format you want.

Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds

The following are teaser pages from “some” of the publications that I possess from the 1970s.


This video doesn’t exist

The video is from SentientTrader.com.   They have a very good cyclic software package.  You should take a look at the different products they offer.

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  1. Monika Says:

    Would you be willing to share your Edson Gould newsletters, publications?



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