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to help you understand my unorthodox wave counting method.



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This is the second update today.

There is an interesting situation about the latest SP 500 earnings in today’s comments.

Jeff dismisses lower earnings by removing bank earnings.  He’s probably right, but it raises some possible questions.





Jeffrey Saut of Raymond James is a very savvy guy and one of the few interesting people that I follow.   I found Jeff years ago among the talking heads on CNBC, which is normally populated with talking heads spouting popular opinions. When I saw Jeff for the first time, he was  mentioning different ideas than everyone else was regurgitating.  Immediately this catches my attention because I’m ALWAYS interested in anyone that has a mind apart from Wall Street.  Following the crowd will get you killed on Wall Street.  After listening to him over time, I realized he was smart, insightful and normally on the mark.

Jeff reminds me of Robert Farrell of Merrill Lynch fame (1970s and 1980s), who achieved a large following and was frequently on target.  Bob Farrell was one of my favorites.


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  • A chart denoted as “ES” is a SP 500 futures chart.  YM is DJ Industrial futures, NQ is NASDAQ Composite futures.

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