11/01/12 – My Chart Market Message

You can find frequent trading messages on MY CHARTS at chart #10.0 (first chart).

Sometimes I will update my messages frequently during the trading day.  Usually this happens during an anticipated inflection point.

The following are quotes from MY CHARTS.  Don’t expect to see these quotes in this blog in the future.  They will only appear in my chart message.  I’m trying to redirect your attention from the blog to the market messages on my charts.  The messages on my charts are far less work than the blog and easier to update.


11/1/12 – Thu
@7:45 PDT – Last night I was looking at chart #40.9 (amongst other things), which calls for a peak in early Dec.  I wondered what a T would predict from the peak to the recent bottom?  It came out with a early Dec peak.  This enforced chart #40.9, so I bought more contracts last night.  Today’s news was good and tomorrow’s employment report should also be OK.  This thought is based on the declining weekly unemployment data.  It should be clear sailing for awhile.

Chart #40.9 is kinda weird and started out as a play toy but it does seem to have some merit.

We are in step 2 up since the bottom on Oct 26.

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2 Comments on “11/01/12 – My Chart Market Message”

  1. terry4115 Says:

    Thanks Bob, appreciate the charts & commentary.


  2. focus12345 Says:

    Nice call Bob- bought yesterday and today.


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