10/29/12 – Market Trading Messages

You can find daily trading messages on MY CHARTS at chart #10.0 (first chart).

Sometimes I will update my messages frequently during the trading day.  Usually this happens during an inflection point.  We’ve been in a downtrend since 9/14/12 but a bottom may be forming, are you ready???

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7 Comments on “10/29/12 – Market Trading Messages”

  1. unbyn Says:

    Bob, thanks for your updates. I am ready. I think S&P will go to a new high, 1488, before a deeper correction starts.


  2. Ernest Says:

    Thanks, Bob!

    I had noticed your messages on the charts and very much appreciate it!


  3. focus12345 Says:

    Sounds nice, I’m here in Pa- hunkering down until this thing blows over.


  4. Bob Says:

    The message updates on StockCharts is very simple, so it’s easy to do.



  5. Bob Says:

    Hi Michael,

    No storm here, just sunshine. It’s a very bright sunny day today.

    I live where everyone in the US probably wished they lived, San Diego. If you visit here in January, you would never go home. Humidity is non-existent and our average rainfall is about 9 inches. It really can be quite boring living with no weather. Every day is the same as yesterday.

    Along the coast in San Diego we have no weather as it’s almost always in the 70s. Inland it gets into the 80s in the summer and further inland into the 90s (horrors). Winter time, we think we’re freezing at night if the temperature falls into the 40s, but 50s is a normal winter time night low.

    We do have a dirty little secret that when the Santa Ana winds blow (rarely), it does get hot. When that happens in October, the back country fires can turn into raging infernos. 2003 and 2005 were big examples of that. We made national news with those fires.

    It will snow occasionally in our local mountains (75 minutes away) and we take off to see what the stuff looks like. After a snow storm I was eating dinner in Julian (quaint mountain community) and met a couple from Austria. They couldn’t understand why anyone would want to drive to the mountains to look at the snow. Gotta live it to believe it.

    Only weather I ever see is when I travel. I went through the eye of a hurricane on Kauai (many years ago). Now that was a vacation to remember. I’m a little bit nuts and actually enjoy stuff like that. On the bucket list is the biggest fireworks show of all, a big spewing volcano. I never seem to make time to do that, but someday I’ll just pick up and go on a moments notice as they don’t exactly schedule those things in advance.



  6. ml1212 Says:

    Thanks for the update Bob.



  7. focus12345 Says:

    Ready Bob, don’t think it will go past 1460 if I am reading your daily ADX chart right .Good to see you posting again ,hope you are safe in the storm.



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