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Buy – June 28, 2012, bought again July 12

Sold – (holding long – Bressert System)


LONG TERM – Up in black 3, chart #10.8

INTERMEDIATE TERM –  Up in blue 3, chart #10.6




Gotta follow my tweets because notification of new ideas, wave count terminations are appearing there before the blog.  It’s easier for me and I’m posting links there too, charts, Jeff Saut, etc.

We’re close to a short term top but I’m unsure that it’s “in”.  In the last step up it looks like 4 steps up and 5th may be underway.  Lower lows and lower highs tell the story.


Tweets for last 2 days include:

21 mBob KarrowBob Karrow@BobsWaveCounts

Correcting now. Jeff Saut is saying watch for a short term top too. Lower lows will tell the story, listen to Saut – https://stockmarketobservations.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/07-19-12-jeff-saut1.wavarketobservations.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/07-19-… …

POSSIBLE wave count before a correction. Question is whether last wave is a 5 count or 3 count???? – – – – https://stockmarketobservations.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/07-19-12-spx-futures-19-minute-bars.jpgarketobservations.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/07-19-… …

Market moving up illustrates reason to use Bressert money management. I don’t scale in on my purchases. Buy & stop out QUICKLY if no good.

Small caps are doing well today. See chart #10.4, indicates 3rd step up since July 5 – http://stockcharts.com/public/1169350 

Yesterday and last night’s correction amounted to a big nothing. We’re rattling the old high of July 5th.

Regarding Bressert money management system, first and second sale come wherever you feel comfortable on locking in the profit.  But ideally 1st sale comes on first top, 2nd sales comes on the prospect of the first significant correction and 3rd sale doesn’t come unless the overall trend (bull or bear market has changed).  You then buy another 3 after the first significant correction and begin the process again.  See explanation for the full write-up.

I’m planning on running the cycle software soon and posting that chart.



Thursday, 07-19-12 update from Jeff Saut.  After I had tweeted about a possible top, I listened to Jeff’s update for today and he is saying the same thing.  We just don’t disagree very often and not for long.

07-19-12 Jeff Saut


Jeffrey Saut of Raymond James is a very savvy guy and one of the few people that I follow.   I found Jeff among the talking heads on CNBC, which is normally filled with worthless bobble-headed people. When I saw Jeff the first time, he was  telling the audience different ideas than what everyone else was regurgitating.  Immediately this catches my attention because I’m ALWAYS interested in anyone that has a mind apart from Wall Street.  After listening to him over time, I realized this guy is smart, insightful and normally right on the mark.  I find people like this very infrequently.

He reminds me of Robert Farrell of Merrill Lynch (70s and 80s), who achieved a large following by being frequently on target.  Jeff Saut is an acknowledged student of Bob Farrell.

Website for Raymond James Investment Planning





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