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9/4/13 . . .  by Bob Karrow

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I’ve had 10 Tweets since my last blog update.  Read from the bottom up to follow the timeline forward, from #10 to #1.

  1. Jeff Saut said things aren’t unresolved. I concur. Lotsa news next week Yesterday wasn’t a good reversal day, keep watching for more clues

  2. Check out the different oscillators and indicators in my charts. 

  3. Jeff Saut capitulated, he is putting money back to work, but is very suspicious. Hurst forecast lows Oct to Jan . . . still possible

  4. Will we close at a loss today? If so, we have a reversal day – close at a loss after a new intra-day high If no loss, forget about it

  5. Safe bet we are in another step up with new highs likely. This is likely the 5th step up from my tweet of 9/8/13. 

  6. NASDAQ early leader to the downside. Apple down with no surprise product announcements. Will Apple recover its flash without Steve Jobs???

  7. Here’s a chart that says we haven’t had the last step up yet. Looks reasonable but when will it take place. Now??? 

  8. Market staying in a well defined channel.  Big breakout from channel on upside would likely be viewed positively.

  9. Link for the 2002 MTA Dow Award  Paper explains high volume thrusts. When they occur, they’re telling you something

  10. Not impressed with the rally “yet”. A slow rally can work off the deep oversold with no fireworks on the upside. 


  • Click on any chart to enlarge it
  • A chart denoted as “ES” is a SP 500 futures chart.  YM is DJ Industrial futures, NQ is NASDAQ Composite futures.

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