Rally Underway and Jeff Saut on 8/8/13

8/8/13 . . . 


to help you understand my wave counting method.


We have an obvious higher low this morning and the expected rally is underway.  We’ll see how far it carries.

I was tweeting recently instead of a blog update.  When I’m away you should check my Tweet page.


This rally should tell the tale on whether the correction is underway.

We have a “possible” T cycle peak coming “approximately” August 15-20.  Two charts showing these Ts can be found at the end of page 3 and the beginning of page 4 on my chart page.  I don’t put a lot of faith in these “play things”, but they could be useful for a look out point.

More later.

Jeff Saut – August 8, 2013

The following are Jeff’s verbal comments for 8/8/13.

“squared Uranus” got a chuckle from Jeff.

The verbal comments will be posted on Friday or this weekend.  I recorded them so they won’t be lost by Jeff’s Friday update.

I have too slow of a connection to post this file.  I’ll do it on Friday or this weekend.


Jeffrey Saut of Raymond James is a very savvy guy and one of the few interesting people that I follow.   I found Jeff years ago among the talking heads on CNBC, which is normally populated with talking heads spouting popular opinions. When I saw Jeff for the first time, he was  mentioning different ideas than everyone else was regurgitating.  Immediately this catches my attention because I’m ALWAYS interested in anyone that has a mind apart from Wall Street.  Following the crowd will get you killed on Wall Street.  After listening to him over time, I realized he was smart, insightful and normally on the mark.

Jeff reminds me of Robert Farrell of Merrill Lynch fame (1970s and 1980s), who achieved a large following being frequently on target.  Bob Farrell was one of my favorites during the 70s and 80s.

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