March 2005 – T Theory® Update

Audio Comments March 3 2005

The two charts below can be enlarged by clicking on the smaller image. To hear the 10 minute audio commentary click on the mp3 file. Terry Laundry

LISTEN tt20050305


March 10 2005 Comments

Below is the updated Short T Chart and a 10 minute audio comment. Click on the Listen file to hear my comments. Terry Laundry



Natural Resource Links

I have posted three new Links at the lower left on the front page. These topics are important reading for my next posting on Natural Resource Investment opportunities later this week.

The top link summarizes the high 10 year rates of returns which were available in water investments, one of the most basic of the natural resources.

The next two links introduce Dr M King Hubbert, one of the most profound thinkers in the field of energy and natural resources generally. It is his view that monetary, i.e. financial systems, can sustain long periods of exponential (constant percentage) growth over very long periods of time. However natural resources being scarce, are eventually very limited in their supply and thus can not keep pace with constant financial growth over very long periods of time.

The collision between these two systems; one the monetary system, the other the matter-energy system produces dislocations from time to time that present great investment opportunities and I wish to incorporate his thinking into my very long term T Theory concepts.

It appears the Ts describing the long term financial system such as my Dow Industrial Mega-Ts are linked with the Ts in the matter-energy ( Natural Resources) system. If so this can be used to great advantage. Terry Laundry

March 17 ’05 Audio Comments


Update March 24 2005




Comments March 31 2005

This week I am busy with other obligations so I will just summarize.

The sharp rally of March 30 is a good sign of a coming bottom, but a bit early. The volume oscillator has started a rising bottoms pattern and it would be good to see it maintained as further price corrections occur back to the 39 week MA.

Today Wall Street was shocked to hear a Goldman Sack report that Oil might spike to $105. This is nothing more than the Hubberts Peak conclusion going public in the media. It likely will limit the current bounce and we can study the charts next week for more clues.

Early next week I will post a special Audio file of comments to all questions/comments posted here during the month of March. The following week I will post responses to February comments, etc.

Terry Laundry


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Order the T Theory® Encyclopedia

For a complete understanding of the T Theory® and how to successfully use Terry’s unique methods, order the Encyclopedia from Paula at the above link.  There is additional material in the encyclopedia not covered here.  Paula will be more than happy to answer your questions too.

Many thanks to Paula Burke for her permission to re-post Terry’s old T Theory® explanations.  The period re-blogged on these pages are some of Terry Laundry’s best work and was published here from public domain.


I claim no credit for the material found under T Theory® on this blog.  All of this material is the creation of Terry Laundry and was downloaded from Terry’s free blog site (TypePad).  I have created a mirror of Terry’s original material and now there is a second site containing Terry’s T Theory®.  One or both of these websites hopefully will survive through time as Terry’s material is too important to be lost to the ravages of time.  This site is simply a memorial to his lifetime work.

The page content re-blogged here is exactly as Terry created on his original webpages (saved on my computer with ScrapBook)).  Nothing has been left out from the period Dec 2003 to June 2011.  From Terry’s site, I made a lot of formatting changes, creating a more easily readable webpage appearance.  The PDF chart duplicates of the JPEGs have been omitted for ease and speed of recreating Terry’s pages.  References to PDF charts should be ignored (but no chart was left out).

After June 2011, Terry created a paid subscription website. None of that material is found here.

There were many many, many hours spent on this project; downloading Terry’s individual charts & audio files, followed by the uploading of Terry’s charts and audio to my WordPress blog library, after which I had to insert the uploaded material into my new T Theory® webpages (hopefully in the correct places).  This was a dull and arduous project and I hope you enjoy it.  I don’t believe there remains any more of Terry’s material in free domain, so my T Theory® project is probably finished.  If I’ve missed something, you can leave me a comment.

If you find an uploaded reference error (chart or audio in the wrong place), please note the month and year of the webpage, plus the exact name of the referenced error file.  Include any other info that will help me locate the problem file and where it occurs on the webpage.  Leave a comment for me with the info and I’ll fix it.

Terry’s material is very long and will take many weeks for you to finish.  Don’t hurry, it’s not a marathon and you will absorb more if you go through it at a reasonable rate.  This is especially true for those who don’t invest in the T Theory® reference encyclopedia.  The encyclopedia is a written reference for T Theory® and includes everything of importance for Terry’s T Theory®.  Without the reference encyclopedia you must depend on your memory and Terry’s method carries some rules that you could easily violate.  The encyclopedia also includes new information never seen on his website.

You are welcome to save any or all of my blog material to your computer.  You also have my permission to re-blog my information, but you must (1) credit me and my blog in an obvious manner and (2) don’t change my material.

FYI – I find the best way to save a webpage is using “ScrapBook” (it’s an add-on for the FireFox browser).  ScrapBook saves a webpage to your computer EXACTLY as it appears on the day you saved it.  You can’t tell the difference between the internet webpage and your ScrapBook saved webpage.  The saved pages are not pictures.  Instead the pages consist of HTML and page functionality remains identical on your computer.   There is also a second method for using ScrapBook, where you can save all of the webpages down to a defined link depth.  This optional method means all links will function on your computer to the link depth specified (meaning you can click on links on your saved webpages and tunnel down into pages within pages).  Saving the normal way will only save the top webpage but the links that exist could continue to  function by taking you to the website on the internet instead of on your computer.  But sometimes the linked website doesn’t exist anymore.  I’ve had this happen on some very good webpages with unique information (they just disappear into the internet void).  That’s a bummer when you lost some really good info and thus rose my need for ScrapBook.  You can also filter the pages saved using the optional ScrapBook method, which can exclude all pages not coming directly from the specified website (filtering is recommended using this method otherwise you wind up with a LOT of useless stuff).


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