An Overview of T Theory® Topics

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For a through understanding of the T Theory®, order the Encyclopedia from Paula at the above link.


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An Overview of T Theory® Topics

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Many thanks to Paula Burke for permission to re-post Terry’s old T Theory® explanations.  The period while Terry was blogging on TypePad was amongst his best work.  TypePad is the source of the above material.

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6 Comments on “An Overview of T Theory® Topics”

  1. Dan Says:

    Thanks bob! this is what I thought initially,


  2. Bob Says:

    I’ve been in contact with Paula today and she will have the mistake corrected on that webpage.

    The correct email address has only ONE foundation in it, like the following.



  3. Bob Says:

    I’m checking on the email situation. Luckily I have another email address for Paula. If I don’t hear from her, I’ll call and see what’s happening.



  4. Dan Says:

    Great reply, thx!

    btw, the above email doesn’t work, I had a reply back: “The email account that you tried to reach does not exist. “


  5. Bob Says:

    The link you mentioned is only for people that I have forwarded for Encyclopedia info. Before Terry’s death, there was more material on this page.

    The link says at the bottom:

    “If you are interested in purchasing the T Theory® Encyclopedia or other products please email
    Paula Burke at or call, 1-888-228-2995.”

    I would call Paula and inquire about it.

    Terry was very good with the T Theory concept. He invented it and had 40 years to tweak it successfully. I began following Terry in the 1970s because I had already observed an example of Terry’s T-Theory. The timing method similar to T-Theory was first suggested in an article written in 1968 by George Lindsay, “A Timing Method for Traders”. The article was a chapter in a technical analysis encyclopedia printed around 1968. Lindsay had used this timing method for many years prior to Terry’s discovery.

    Others have had difficulty duplicating Terry’s results. I play with it occasionally with unenviable results. I don’t spend enough time on T-Theory for it to be successful. I always relied on Terry for his T concepts. I rely on my unique wave count method, which was a derivation (of sorts) from Edson Gould attempts at wave counting. I also use conventional methods that you can find on my charts at StockCharts.

    Marty Schwartz relied on Terry to construct the Ts and then Marty used them to trade stocks (apparently with success). I have no idea where truth and exaggeration begins with Marty.

    The only way to duplicate Terry’s results is to study the audio lessons (and charts) on my blog and also buy the encyclopedia. My blog has a complete record of all of Terry’s earlier lessons before he went to a paid service. Becoming proficient with T construction would consume a lot of learning and testing time. You need CONSISTENT success with the Ts before investing money based on your Ts.

    Here is a guy that has some success with T construction.

    Jeff Saut is a reliable guy to listen to for excellent market guidance. I would stay away from Jeff’s stock recommendations. His market timing is a big yes, but don’t buy stocks mentioned by Jeff.

    I also use Hurst cycles to give me an idea when a wave count may be complete (up or down). I have software that creates the Hurst cycles. Creating them by hand is time consuming.

    My Tweets



  6. Dan Says:

    The above link for Terry’s Encyclopaedia looks down, is there a way to get it?

    Also it was mentioned in the 1997 intro to T theory by Terry that Marty Schwartz used it extensively, and no wonder then the huge returns he was able to achieve (other than relying or claiming to rely on some public available technical indicators), based on your experience in T Theory, could this be true?

    Thanks and keep up the good work,



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