07/31/12 – Blog Is Suspended

The blog is suspended for now.

Bob Karrow


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6 Comments on “07/31/12 – Blog Is Suspended”

  1. Bob Says:

    My StockCharts link will continue to work and hopefully I’ll be spending more time updating the wave counts on pertinent charts.

    It shouldn’t be hard to surmise what I’m thinking by following the posted wave counts (page one).



  2. Ernest Says:


    I would like to second Chris’ comments. Maybe you could occasionally update the long, intermediate and short term counts when they change. Thanks for all your excellent work.



  3. unbyn Says:

    Hi Bob, sorry to hear that you dont will update your blog due to few readers. I am also one of the silent followers who have appreciate your blog. I will miss your updates if you stop writing. Please continue with your updates! If it take too much time maybe you could write less or update weekly?

    Regards Boel


  4. ml1212 Says:

    Hi Bob, thanks for your work. If you decide to continue in the future, maybe in a more limited way, I will be a reader…

    Mike walsh


  5. focus12345 Says:

    Hope everything is ok?


  6. crisstoff Says:

    Hi Bob, sorry to see your Twitter comment today regarding no more updates. Im one of the silent followers who has enjoyed and profited from your comments/charts and Tweets.

    I can understand the large amount of time this must have taken and would like to say Thank you!

    Regards, Chris – Crisstoff


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