Finished With The T Theory® Update

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6 Comments on “Finished With The T Theory® Update”

  1. Bob Says:

    I just put all of the updates onto my blog. Copy and paste the words (real easy), but the audio and charts were harder, download and upload, inserting things in the right place without screwing things up. Lotsa work but it’s done. I think Terry would like to see there is a backup place for his material.

    I’m still waiting for somebody to tell me there is a link error. But there is so MUCH material that most people will take a very long time getting through it. There was stuff that I didn’t remember seeing, so I’ve got to go through everything and review (later). But for now I’m tired of T Theory and want to put some distance between it and myself (called relaxing).



  2. normpie Says:

    What a great, thorough job! Thanks, Bob.


  3. Valtinho Says:

    Wow. I am speechless. Thank you so much Bob.

    By the way, I finished J.M. Hurst’s Cyclic Analysis book. It is a small book and it gave me a bird’s eye view of the subject. I will have to read the Profit Magic book for the details, but I started reading Trader Vic to give me a mental break from the heavy stuff.

    I am also going to start studying all of Terry Laundry’s tapes. This is unbelievable stuff. It will take me months to go through all this. I already started on the first audio tapes and I like the way Terry taught.

    Thanks again for this enormous contribution to the world. Thanks to you T-Theory shall live on.


    Here is the passage from the Market Wizards book that led me to search and stumble upon your website.

    Marty Schwartz: “I found a guy, Terry Laundry, who lived in Nantucket and had an unorthodox approach called the Magic Т Forecast. He was an МIT engineering graduate with a math background, and that appealed to me. His basic theory was that the market spent the same amount of time going up as going down.”

    Jack Schwager: “In my experience, markets come down a lot quicker than they go up. Doesn’t that contradict the theory?”

    Marty Schwartz: “The market movement before it goes down may be a distributive process. I call them M-tops. The point you use to measure the time element is not the price high, but an oscillator high, which precedes the price high. That, in fact, is a major cornerstone of his work. The theory had different properties that I learned, and it has been extremely helpful to me.”

    Jack Schwager: “For the record, what is the name of Laundry’s book?”

    Marty Schwartz: “There is no book. He just extolled his theory through his various newsletters. He also had some pamphlets. Actually, it was kind of funny. After I mentioned him in a Barren’s article, he got a lot of inquiries for his pamphlets. He is a little eccentric. His response was, ‘I don’t have any copies available.’ He should have printed them and made some money.”


  4. ml1212 Says:

    Thanks for all the work Bob!!



  5. Bob Says:




  6. focus12345 Says:

    Well done Bob is it alright to post this link to the forum?


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