Don’t Forget The Index


The index will be posted later after all the posts go up as I must compose the index from the actual link to the webpage.

Terry’s first update on Dec 2003 will be the last one published.  I’m doing that so people that are browsing will encounter them in chronological order.

First I will be taking down most of Terry’s previously published Stock Market Observations webpages.  This is going to cause 404 errors for anyone that tries to reference an old webpage by Terry.

Remember to advise me of any link errors in the new pages.  I need the webpage’s title and the name of the link in error .  .  .  just copy and paste the wording surrounding the link error into a comment.  Hopefully there won’t be too many errors, but we’ll see.  There are a lot of links in each months update and I had to insert each one by hand.

Here we go.


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One Comment on “Don’t Forget The Index”

  1. redbear91 Says:

    This is a miracle! I can not thank you enough!


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