02/19/13 – Hurst Cycle Video


2/19/13 . . . 

I have a blog update coming in a couple of days that will have a LOT of goodies  in it.

It will consist of lots of financial web links that I have accumulated, plus many old stock market books that have no copyright protection.  Copyright usually expires 50 years after the death of the author.  So these books can be reprinted without anyone getting upset.  Many of these are Google copies (PDF), which they created from expired copyrights.


The following video was edited down to 12 minutes, which includes the SP500 and the NASDAQ.  Only these two subjects are pertinent to my blog.  The entire video was 46 minutes and included lots of other commodities.

This video doesn’t exist

All Hurst cycle charts and videos are provided by SentientTrader.com.   They have very good cyclic software.  You should look at the different products they offer.  I have a copy of the software and like it very much.  It’s a very useful tool in conjunction with my wave counting.


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One Comment on “02/19/13 – Hurst Cycle Video”

  1. focus12345 Says:

    Nice Video Bob.


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