StockCharts Messages Thru 11/27/12

I write real-time market messages, which are found on the first chart on page 1 (chart #10.0), located at the following link MY CHARTS.

Some days I write several updates and others will find little activity.  Frequency is usually related to an uncertain market or an impending market bottom (or top).  Sometimes I’m too busy with other stuff and don’t have the time to update the messages.

These comments are akin to listening to me thinking out-loud.  Consequently, there is a lot of useless trash includedI don’t edit the messages once they are posted, so the useful and the useless are here for you to read.  This blog is the only place where you can find ALL of the messages.  StockCharts restricts the space allocated for comments.  Consequently, I’m constantly deleting old StockCharts comments to make room for new ones.

My thoughts or viewpoints are often in a constant state of FLUX as we approach a bottom (or top), so stay in touch at the chart link throughout the day.

To bad I don’t have a Flux Capacitor, otherwise my comments would be always correct (“Back To The Future”).

Always use STOPS.  They allow you to sleep better and make early decisions without stress or emotion.  Emotion is not your friend.

All times are Pacific time.



11/27/12 – TUE
And the correction is probably underway.  I sold part two of my Bressert money management system.  New Bressert positions are added after each correction.


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