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Part one of my family emergency is Elaine Lipinsky.
Part two, my wife is ill but doing much better.  No phone calls because I can’t tell her about Elaine before Sept. 26th (doctor’s orders).

I met Elaine in 1962 when she and my wife were attending SDSU. I remember those days well, with the crazy Chinese fire drills that Elaine would often instigate. She was a hoot, often full of irreverent comments that I always found hilarious.

Elaine never changed and those irreverent comments were a vital part of her character. They became an integral part of our relationship as we would throw pointed barbs back and forth. But I could never outdo Elaine with the pointy barbs.  She was a quick wit.

Elaine telling me how much she loves me.

Elaine telling me how much she loves me

On a trip in 2005, Andrea, Dave, Elaine and I to went to Yosemite. This was Elaine’s first trip to Yosemite and while sight seeing on Glacier Point, Andrea, Dave and I got back in the car and I drove off and left her.

A person standing next to Elaine at the time said, “Did they just go off and leave you”.
“Yes”, said Elaine.
“Do you need a ride”?
“No, they’ll be right back. Bob can’t get rid of me that easily”

I have no doubt if I had been gone for more than 5 minutes that Elaine would have had a ride back to her hotel within 6 minutes. She always found a friend even amongst strangers and she was my very good friend for the last 50 years.

I love you Elaine and I will miss you forever but I know I’m going to see you later.

Hold a good seat for me until I get there.


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